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The Equal Opportunities Officer of the City of Bocholt

Astrid Schupp is the Equal Opportunities Officer of the City of Bocholt. She is the contact person for all questions relevant to women and equality - not only within the city administration. She works for all citizens in Bocholt.

The Equal Opportunities Officer has the task of helping to implement the constitutional requirement of equal rights. The aim is to promote equality between women and men.


The Equal Opportunities Officer is the contact person for all questions relevant to women and equal opportunities.

Equality work is divided into two areas of responsibility:

  • the work for the citizens of Bocholt
  • work within the city administration of Bocholt

On the basis of the State Equal Opportunities Act of 1999 and other agreements within the municipal administration, the Equal Opportunities Officer offers the following services:

  • Counselling and information on ways to improve women's opportunities in work and society.
  • support for women's groups and initiatives
  • Collecting and providing information on the living situation of women in Bocholt
  • Cooperation in measures and projects that contribute to improving the life situation of women and girls.
  • Public relations work
  • Participation in council and administrative proposals with content relevant to women's issues
  • Supervision of the Committee for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men of the City of Bocholt.
  • Participation in the implementation of the plan for the advancement of women in the Bocholt municipality.
  • Consultation hours for employees of the Bocholt municipal administration
  • Participation in the selection of personnel in the Bocholt municipal administration
  • Developing initiatives to extend flexible working hours in the Bocholt municipal administration

Digital Women's Network Germany-Netherlands

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