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Maintenance recovery

An order to pay maintenance presupposes that the person obliged to pay maintenance is capable of doing so. The person concerned is obliged to pay maintenance to children or spouses, for example, if they are unable to cover their necessary living costs with their own resources.

Maintenance when receiving benefits

If you yourself receive citizen's allowance, benefits according to SGB XII, asylum benefits or advance maintenance payments, the Maintenance Prosecution Office (Unterhaltsheranziehung) in the Social Welfare Department will help you. After receiving the letter of approval for the above-mentioned benefits, the department will also write to you and give you the name of a contact person in the department. You can contact this person if you have any questions or problems.

If you do not know who your contact person is, please contact the responsible staff member from the benefits department.

Maintenance in general

If you do not receive social benefits in Bocholt and have at least one dependent child, you can seek advice and support from the Bocholt Youth Welfare Office via a guardianship until your child is of age.