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Child and youth protection

Bocholt is committed to the protection of minors

Clubs, associations and institutions in Bocholt actively implement the regulations for the protection of minors. To this end, they signed a declaration of principles, the "Child and Youth Protection Declaration for Bocholt".

... to observe and implement the provisions and objectives of child and youth protection under the guiding principle of "protecting and strengthening children".

Bocholt Declaration on the Protection of Children and Young People

Bocholt Declaration on the Protection of Children and Young People in the Wording

"Child and youth protection, under the guiding principle of "protecting and strengthening children", is about protecting young people from dangers and negative influences in the public sphere and empowering them to deal with the existing risks. This is a challenge for all adults. After all, the legal regulations for the protection of young people must be observed and followed. Everyone who deals with young people has a responsibility, whether in clubs and associations, in the catering trade, in retail or in other institutions.

Every adult and his or her behaviour is important for compliance with the protection of young people.

The signatories declare that they observe and implement the provisions and objectives of the protection of children and young people under the guiding principle of "protecting and strengthening children".

They recognise that it is also the task of event organisers - especially clubs and associations - to strengthen children and young people against dangers of all kinds. In concrete terms, this means that the prohibitions on the sale of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages under the Youth Protection Act must be observed.

The signatories take their responsibility towards minors seriously. They ask for proof of age and thus protect children and young people. The residence regulations at public events must also be observed. Here, too, the organisers obtain certainty through age checks.

Furthermore, when holding public events, the signatories undertake to: - print age information on advertising media, - not hold or advertise events that promote alcohol consumption and thus endanger the health of young people (so-called "flat rate parties"), - to ask all minors to leave the event at midnight, - to offer a non-alcoholic drink at least as cheap as the cheapest alcoholic drink in accordance with the law on restaurants and bars, as well as to be open to a regular dialogue with the Youth, Family and Sports Department of the City of Bocholt on issues relevant to youth protection!"

Information and tips for children and young people


Logo First Aid App Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is the deliberate insulting, threatening, embarrassing or harassing of others online. Are you affected? With the app from www.klicksafe you can get first help.

Worry phone and online counselling

Young girl with smartphone

Are you worried or is something bothering you? You don't have anyone to listen to you or to whom you would like to confide?

Then maybe a call to the children's and young people's hotline on 116 111 or 0800 111 0 333 can help you.

This is the number against grief. If you prefer to write, there is also an online counselling service.

Alternatively, the Youth Welfare Office recommends the"Jugendnotmail", a free online counselling service for children and young people seeking help. Confidential, available 24 hours a day, no taboo topics.

"Emergency island"

Emergency island_excerpt

All shops and businesses in Bocholt that have the Notinsel sign on their door signal to children:"Where we are, you are safe". The Notinsel gives children who feel threatened and need help a place of refuge where they will be helped.


Support for Abi-Vorfeten

The City of Bocholt will be happy to support and advise you in planning when it comes to questions of compliance with the legal protection of minors. We provide free material (posters, information flyers, admission control tapes, etc.). Just contact us (see contact on this page).

Information and tips for parents

Youth Protection Act: Alone or under supervision, going out, alcohol, smoking ... What is my child allowed to do, what not? This is regulated in the Youth Protection Act. Find out more in the guidebook "Youth Protection - Explained in an Understandable Way".

Youth protection active: Parents get answers to frequently asked questions here. Find out more at www.jugendschutz-aktiv.de.

Internet and digital media: How children can move safely in digital worlds is explained in an understandable way at www.klicksafe.de or www.internet-abc.de.

Accident prevention: The Federal Centre for Health Education gives tips on how children can grow up in a safe environment. Learn more

Youth Employment Protection Act: The Youth Employment Protection Act stipulates under what conditions and with what restrictions a child or young person under 18 may work. Learn more ...

Information and tips for schools

Mobbing, cyberbullying, media, violence prevention, sexualised violence, radicalisation: Information and material is available from the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kinder- und Jugendschutz (AJS) Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V..

Cyberbullying: material for educational practice at www.klicksafe.de.

Social network training, Netbag method case: Free service for people working in schools, children's and youth work. You can borrow a so-called "Netbag". This is a bag with various materials with which the topic of online addiction can be taken up in the context of educational work. The method bag contains a collection of discussion games, online quizzes as well as an addiction course. Children and young people can thus be sensitised to the topics of media and addiction potential. The Netbag also contains a lecture for organising a parents' evening on the topic. To borrow the bag, see contact on this page.

Information and tips for organisers, traders and associations

Advice: The city of Bocholt will be happy to advise you on youth protection issues at large events such as carnivals, shooting festivals and public parties. The city also provides information material . Use the contact on this page.

www.jugendschutz-aktiv.de: Tradespeople and event organisers can find information on the net at www.jugendschutz-aktiv.de .