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The Green Centre

in the Fildeken-Rosenberg Neighbourhood

in the Fildeken-Rosenberg Neighbourhood

Project: Green Centre

The park in the Fildeken-Rosenberg neighbourhood

It is a leisure and living space in the middle of the neighbourhood: the Grüne Mitte.

On an area of four hectares, it combines ecology and recreational space for the residents of the Fildeken-Rosenberg neighbourhood. At the same time, the measures expanded the break facilities for pupils of the Bocholt Comprehensive School.

The extension and further development of the Biemenhorst primary school (Weserstraße site) includes the repair and extension of the existing schoolyard areas and the preparation of the outdoor facilities for the open all-day school.

The measures are part of the integrated action concept Fildeken-Rosenberg.

The Green Centre

Overview: The "Green Centre" in figures

About the park:

  • 4 hectares of contiguous open space with 1000 metres of path network.
  • approx. 90 new trees and 1600 m² of semi-natural field hedges
  • more than 12,000 m² of wildflower meadows and gravel lawns

New recreational facilities:

  • 220 m² playground area for different age groups
  • 1000 m² exercise meadow for dogs
  • 180 m² outdoor fitness area with exercise equipment
  • Newvolleyball field and football pitch

Schoolyard extension of the comprehensive school:

  • 5,000 m² extended schoolyard area
  • approx. 400 m² terrace of the refectory
  • New climbing spiral in the schoolyard
  • 15 new trees and approx. 1000 m² of insect-friendly perennial plants

Overview: The "Biemenhorst Primary School" in figures

The redesigned areas at Biemenhorst Primary School
The Biemenhorst Primary School (Weserstraße)

Redesign of the outdoor facilities at Biemenhorst School:

  • Play hill with slide
  • New bicycle parking spaces
  • Balancing apparatus and climbing combination for OGS schoolyard
  • Approx. 250 m² of insect-friendly perennial plants
  • 15 new trees

Trees preserved as far as possible

When redesigning the Green Centre, care was also taken to preserve existing trees and shrubs wherever possible. Existing trees were included in the design of the Green Centre and taken into account in the routing of the path, among other things.


The Little Owl is breeding again this year

The Green Centre is not only an open space for the neighbourhood but also a habitat for a very special inhabitant: the Little Owl.

A long-time resident pair of Little Owls will breed there again in 2023. The concerns of the Little Owl were given special consideration in the redesign of the Green Centre, for example in the selection and arrangement of the vegetation.

A mosaic of structurally rich meadows and low grassy areas was integrated into the park landscape, which is divided by hedge structures. This provides a habitat for prey animals and, in combination with numerous perching posts, good hunting conditions for the Little Owl, which it needs to care for its offspring.

Outlook: The "Rosenberg green corridor

As the third sub-measure, work on the Rosenberg green corridor is to begin this year. The planning work has already been completed. In the area of the green corridor, the open spaces are to be upgraded and a diverse range of activities for all age groups is to be created.

Another goal: After the redesign, a continuous path is to connect the green corridor.

Gallery: The Green Centre