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Flamingo Route

The 450-kilometre-long Flamingo Route, designed and signposted as a circular tour, promises a varied experience for every taste. It leads through Westmünsterland and the Dutch regions of Achterhoek and Twente, connecting numerous unique natural areas.

In Bocholt, the route stretches along Lake Aa, where visitors can observe sand martins digging their nesting burrows in an artificial cliff face. The route continues past fallow deer and wild boar through the Bocholt city forest. On the further course of the flamingo route, it is worth stopping at the Burloer Venn to discover the diversity of this nature reserve with teals, moorland waters, swamp forest and damp meadows on a circular hiking trail.

Further north is the Zwillbrocker Venn. Two easily accessible observation platforms offer excellent opportunities to see the eponymous flamingos, black-headed gulls and numerous water birds.

A cycling and hiking guide with maps at a scale of 1:50,000 is also available, price: 12.80 euros. Available here in the shop.

There are 3-day or 7-day cycle tours through the centrepiece, to the south or to the north of the Flamingo Route.

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Discover the nature and culture in the German-Dutch border region and visit the northernmost flamingo colony in Europe.

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