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The 2023 budget

Budget 2023
© Stadt Bocholt

The budget for 2023 was introduced to the City Council on 25 October 2022.

After the deliberations in the political arena and the resulting motions, the budget was adopted in the council meeting on 14 December 2022. This procedure provides planning certainty at the beginning of the year and, especially for the planned investment measures, results in a considerable time advantage compared to a later introduction.

1st supplementary budget for 2023

Here you can download the supplementary budget (Click here.)

What about the budget for 2023?

The planned result for 2023 is € -12.5 million, which is € 0.4 million worse than the planned draft resolution on the annual result for 2022. The draft budget for 2023 is essentially characterised by the following points:

  • Transfer expenses increase by approx. € 10.8 million compared to the previous year.
  • Expenses for rent and management costs to GWB increase by € 4.6 million compared to the 2022 budget.
  • Expenditure on personnel will increase by around € 1.9 million due to pay rises and job increases.
  • According to current tax estimates, tax revenues are expected to increase by € 17.8 million compared to the previous year. Of this, a change of € +13.0 million is forecast for trade tax alone.
  • The budgeted amounts for grants and general allocations, which include key allocations, will increase by a total of about € 1.1 million.
  • In order to isolate the corona-related budgetary burdens, an extraordinary income is also to be budgeted for the year 2023. The planned amount is € 9.8 million.

Even within the framework of medium-term financial planning, no original budget balance can be achieved. At present, a well-filled equalisation reserve can still be used to balance the budget deficit. However, this negative trend endangers the financial capacity to act in the long term, so that future developments must be monitored.

You can get an idea of the 2023 budget for yourself by either using our interactive budget (below) to see the composition of income and expenditure in the individual areas. However, if you would like more detailed explanations of the overall budget and the individual departments, go to the PDF documents of the preliminary report and the departments of the city of Bocholt.

If you have any questions or need explanations, you can call or write to us - we will be happy to answer them. The contacts for this are listed on the right.

Interactive budget 2023

This year, the budget is again presented as an interactive graphic. Clicking on a graphic opens the selected budget section with information on the overall budget. In the overall plans, you can click on the desired graphic part to display further information on the types of income and expenditure. For the sub-plans, select the department in the first overview and then the pie chart opens with the corresponding data.





Download the draft budget

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