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Going to school in Bocholt

From the "I-Dötzchen" to secondary schools to studying at the Westphalian University: Bocholt is an educational location with great diversity.

There are many childcare options for pupils at Bocholt schools.

Primary schools

Name Art Address
Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff-Schule Verl. Half-day and full-day school Wiesenstraße 81, 46395 Bocholt
Biemenhorster School Verl. half-day school and all-day offer Birkenallee 70 and Weserstraße 4, 46395 Bocholt
Clemens August School Verl. Half-day and full-day school Breslauer Straße 28, 46397 Bocholt
Clemens Dülmer School Verl. Half-day and all-day school Stresemannstraße 1, 46397 Bocholt

Maria Montessori School

- Community primary school of the city of Bocholt with Montessori offer

Montessori school, extended half-day school and full-day programme Europaplatz 32, 46399 Bocholt
Knufstraße branch Knufstraße 8, 46397 Bocholt
Josefschule Verl. Half-day and full-day school Hohenzollernstraße 27, 46395 Bocholt
Kreuzschule Verl. Half-day and all-day school Mussumer Esch 4, 46395 Bocholt
Liebfrauen Primary School Verl. Half-day and all-day school In der Dille 13, 46397 Bocholt
Partial location Barlo Barloer Ringstraße 19, 46397 Bocholt
Ludgerus Primary School Network Verl. Half-day school and all-day school Kurfürstenstr. 160b, 46399 Bocholt
St. Bernard School Verl. Half-day and all-day school Thonhausenstr. 30, 46395 Bocholt

Secondary schools

Name Address
Arnold-Janssen-School Karolingerstraße 30, 46395 Bocholt
Hohe-Giethorst-School Büningweg 29, 46397 Bocholt

Secondary schools

Name Address
Albert Schweitzer Secondary School Herzogstraße 14, 46399 Bocholt
Israhel-van-Meckenem-Realschule Münsterstraße 91, 46397 Bocholt

Grammar schools

Name Address
St. George Grammar School Adenauerallee 1, 46399 Bocholt
Mariengymnasium Schleusenwall 1, 46395 Bocholt
Euregio-Gymnasium Unter den Eichen 6, 46397 Bocholt

St. Joseph Grammar School

- Episcopal Grammar School

Hemdener Weg 19, 46399 Bocholt

Comprehensive school

Name Address
Bocholt Municipal Comprehensive School Rheinstraße 4, 46395 Bocholt

Vocational schools

Name Address
Vocational College Bocholt-West Schwanenstraße 19-21, 46399 Bocholt
Vocational College at the Water Tower Herzogstraße 4, 46399 Bocholt
August-Vetter-Berufskolleg Dinxperloer Straße 56, 46399 Bocholt

Westmünsterland College of Further Education

Evening Grammar School and Evening Realschule

Paul-Schneider-Weg 3, 46399 Bocholt

Special schools

Name Address
Overbergschule - Borken district special school with a special focus on learning (Bocholt location) Don-Bosco-Strasse 52, 46397 Bocholt
Bischof-Ketteler-Schule - Private special school with a special focus on mental development of the Caritas Association Horststraße 28, 46397 Bocholt

Study in Bocholt

The Westphalian University

Innovative degree programmes, worldwide contacts abroad, attractive jobs: this is what studying at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences in Bocholt offers.

Among other things, the following can be studied here

  • Economics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Bionics
  • ...

Childcare services in schools

Open all-day school (OGS)

Full-day care for pupils in Bocholt primary schools. Learn more ...

Reliable half-day school K.i.d.S.

Reliable care every school day until 1.30 or 2 pm. Learn more ...

St. George School Childcare

The schoolchildren's group of the parish of St. George looks after schoolchildren aged 6 -14 years after school until 6 pm. Learn more ...