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800 years



City anniversary - 800 years of Bocholt

The city of Bocholt celebrated its 800th anniversary fora whole year, or 365 days to be precise.

800 years of Bocholt was a joint effort - all events and activities in the anniversary year were based on the ideas submitted by citizens. A total of 54 larger and smaller events, campaigns and projects took place in the anniversary year. A varied programme was created that had something for everyone. Art and culture were given just as much space as sport, history, faith and traditions.

The anniversary year was meant to be for everyone - and it was.

What remains is the feeling of togetherness and a different or more appreciative view of Bocholt - a city that has developed excellently and is able to show this.

It was a unique anniversary year with impressive highlights that will remain positive memories for a long time to come!


779 First mention of a place "bohholz"/"buocholt"
800 Foundation of the "original parish" of St. Georg Bocholt
1222 Granting of the Münster town charter
1415 - 1486 New construction of St George's Church
1550 Start of cotton weaving
1618 - 1624 New construction of the historic town hall
1635 - 1652 Occupation by Hessian troops
1803 - 1810

Capital of the Principality of Salm

1852 Start of industrialisation
1861 Foundation of the secondary school
1878 Connection to the railway network
1923-1974 The town of Bocholt becomes independent
1945 Destruction of the city centre
1975 Municipal reorganisation
1982 Establishment of the Mussum industrial estate

Completion of the Aasee

1992 University of Applied Sciences location
2022 800 years of city law