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Expert committee for property values in the city of Bocholt

The expert committee for land values in the city of Bocholt compiles current data, developments and trends on the local land and property market in Bocholt - including the standard land value map, land market report and collection of purchase prices. The expert committee is an independent, neutral body of the state of NRW.


  • Maintenance and evaluation of a collection of purchase prices

  • Determination of standard land values annually for the whole city area
    Bocholt (standard land values)

  • Provision of information on standard land values

  • Determination and provision of standard property values

  • Publication of data on the local property market (property market report)

  • Determination of the data required for the valuation (e.g. property interest rates, land price index series, market adjustment factors)

  • Market value appraisals of developed and undeveloped properties, as well as rights to properties on application


The members of the expert committee are appointed by the district government after hearing the city of Bocholt; they are predominantly experts from the fields of architecture, civil engineering, surveying and real estate trade. Membership is honorary.

In order to prepare its work, in particular to set up and maintain a collection of purchase prices, the expert committee makes use of an office, which in Bocholt is organisationally affiliated to the department of real estate and land management.

In order to describe the market, one must know it. The expert committee compiles the collection of purchase prices. The data kept in it are taken from the property contracts which the notarising offices (notaries) make available to the expert committee. These contracts are analysed under mathematical-statistical aspects while maintaining data protection and published in aggregated form. They also form the basis for valuations.

Website of the expert committee in the city of Bocholt

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