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Streets and house numbers

Assigning house numbers: more than just a number

In addition to the street name, the house number is an important part of the location designation of a property (built-up plot). House numbers are assigned in the course of a building application. The designation of properties in a municipality according to streets and house numbers is a regulatory task.
This serves the purpose of labelling the individual properties in a comprehensible manner. It is important for the residents' registration system, the police and the emergency services, as well as for mail delivery and the accessibility of residents.

Notes on the installation of house numbers

Each house must be provided with the house number assigned to the property by the owner or authorised user at their own expense. The house number must be recognisable from the street and must be kept legible.

The house number must be clearly visible immediately next to the main entrance. If the main entrance is not on the street side, it must be affixed to the house wall or enclosure of the property facing the street, i.e. to the house wall that faces the main entrance first. If there is a front garden that conceals the residential building from the street or does not allow the house number to be recognised, it must be affixed to the enclosure next to the entrance gate or entrance door, or affixed separately if necessary.

Legal basis

  • Ordinance of the City of Bocholt for the maintenance of public safety and order in the area of the City of Bocholt (§ 10 House numbers)
  • Building Code (§ 126 Obligations of the owner, paragraph 3)

Street naming:

The district committees decide on the naming and/or renaming of municipal schools, streets and squares in the respective borough. The meetings of the district committees are open to the public. The city area is divided into 7 districts (centre/northeast/east/southeast/southwest/west/northwest). A district committee is formed for each district . Each district committee has 13 members (2 councillors/expert citizens).

Notes on street naming

Any citizen can submit proposals for the naming and/or renaming of schools, streets and squares. The meeting documents are prepared by the City of Bocholt, Department of Property and Land Management.

Legal basis

  • Main statutes of the city of Bocholt (§ 3 City districts)
  • Building Code (§ 126 Obligations of the owner)