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Housing programme for Bocholt

Bocholt looks to the future

How will it be possible to live in the city in the future? How many flats will be needed in the next few years? Is there enough affordable housing? Are new forms of housing emerging, what influence do climate and integration have?

Dynamics on the housing market: The housing market in Bocholt has been characterised by dynamic development in recent years. The housing market is subject to increased competition. Demand is particularly high in the low-price segment. Due to demographic trends, with a view to the change in the age structure, there is a strong need for new construction for families, students and senior citizens.

The city of Bocholt is facing the challenge of creating attractive and at the same time affordable housing for different segments. For this purpose, the Housing Programme 2022 was drawn up in 2018 as a municipal action plan.

After its publication, the housing programme was updated annually. Finally, at the end of 2022, a final report was written in which, on the one hand, the previous plans are updated and continued, and on the other hand, a summary is drawn and an outlook is given.


Graphic Housing Programme

"Use "building gaps

With the housing construction programme 2022 of the city of Bochol, the municipality aims in particular to improve the guiding principle of "internal over external development" and thus redensification. Redensification is understood as the addition of underused areas within an already existing built-up area for the purpose of structural development - this means that "building gaps" in already existing residential areas are to be better utilised.

Bocholt's municipal policy has therefore adoptedguidelines for redensification.