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Aid fund for the economic support of Bocholt agriculture

Are you a farmer or do you cultivate land in the land register for the city of Bocholt?
Has this land been damaged by natural events such as water damage or seed damage?

Then you may be eligible for the aid fund for the economic support of Bocholt's agriculture.

In 2021, the city of Bocholt adopted a guideline that can be used to compensate for damage caused by natural events that are not insurable. In consultation with the city's agricultural association, this guideline was drawn up together with representatives of all political groups in the city council and approved by politicians in December 2021.

With this aid fund, Bocholt is honouring the idea of solidarity with local agriculture, which has to accept individual economic losses for reasons of flooding and/or nature conservation . This is because they benefit the general population and the common good.

In the case of the following damage, a corresponding aid payment can be applied for in accordance with the adopted guidelines:

  • Water damage as a result of rain and/or flooding events
  • Seed damage caused by rooks

For details and general conditions, please refer to the " guideline of the City of Bocholt on granting aid to farmers in the event of natural damage". The following form must be submitted for the application, together with the attachments specified in the guideline.