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Child day care facilities

Kitaportal Bocholt

In day care centres, children aged 0-6 years are looked after for part of the day or all day.

The Bocholt day care centre portal at kitaportal.bocholt.de presents all of Bocholt 's day care centres (Kitas). The portal offers a comprehensive overview with information about the day care centres' services.

It is possible to select a day care centre according to individual search criteria (e.g. location search, age group, etc.). Parents can register their child or children with one or more day care centres via their own user account.

After making a reservation, parents contact the management of the selected day care centre(s) within 6 weeks. Following the personal contact, the child is placed on the waiting list of the day care centre.

Frequently asked

How much does a place in a kindergarten or day care centre cost?

The costs of childcare in kindergartens and daycare centres are based on income and childcare requirements.

The costs are set out in the applicable "Statute on parental contributions in day-care centres (parental contribution statute)".

-> Parental contribution statute

-> Info sheet: Parental contributions for daycare centres

What are the tasks of the counselling service?

The tasks of the specialist counselling of the day care centres are:

  • Supporting and advising the day care centres on organisational, technical and conceptual issues.
  • Information and advice on legal requirements and funding guidelines
  • Liaison between the facilities and the state youth welfare office
  • Advice on the design of day care centres in the case of new buildings and renovations
  • Advising parents and arranging day care places and places in school child care facilities
  • Special counselling for inclusion, interculturality and families under stress
  • Conflict counselling and mediation between families and day care centres
  • Organisation and implementation of specialist conferences and further training courses
  • Supervision and organisation of bridge projects

How do I register the need for a childcare place?

Parents can register their child's childcare needs in writing with the Youth and Family Department.

Simply select the form below, fill it in, print it out and hand it in (see contacts on this page)

I need 45 hours of childcare. Which application do I need to fill in?

If you are looking for a childcare place and the application via the Kita-Portal (click here) was unsuccessful, please complete the form "Bedarfsanmeldung". The 45-hour application only needs to be completed if a childcare place is already available.

As a rule, your daycare centre will give you the application form. The daycare centre fills out the second part of the application. The documents must be submitted together to the youth welfare office. Your daycare centre will usually do this for you. It is best to discuss the procedure with the daycare centre management.

You can find the application form here:

Here is the information letter:

Information letter for childcare place application (45 hours)

Questions about child day care?

Find out more on our topic page on child day care!