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Framework Plan North and Northern Ring

The framework planning for the closure of the outer ring road and thus, among other things, for the "northern ring road" goes back to the 1930s. The planned road layout of the outer ring road is taken into account by keeping an urban corridor free in various development plans.


What is the Northern Ring?

The Nordring represents the north-western connection of the partly already existing outer ring road. It is intended to open up the area of the North Framework Plan between Dinxperloerstraße and Adenauerallee.

Over time, the activities in the area of the main road construction (outer road ring) have not kept pace with the advancing settlement activity. At peak traffic times, it can be observed that these roads are reaching the limits of their capacity, and as a result the ease and safety of traffic suffers greatly. The development of the urban area as well as the connection of individual districts is strongly affected by this. Consequently, the deplorable state of affairs is to be counteracted by a change in traffic planning.

Urban planning objectives

  • medium to long-term: realisation of sections of the outer ring road with great traffic urgency up to the closure of the outer ring road
  • Short to medium term: Realisation of sections of the outer ring road with the greatest traffic urgency up to the closure of the outer ring road.

The northern ring road can be divided into the following sections:

  • Westring III: Connection to the existing Westring tunnel (L602) up to the junction with Nordring I
  • Westring IV: connection to Dinxperloer Straße, height Bussardweg to junction with Nordring I
  • Nordring I: from the junction with Westring III and Westring IV to Adenauerallee.

In addition, to the north-east of the ring closure, there are two further sections entitled Nordring II and III:

  • Nordring II: from Adenauerallee to Blücherstraße
  • Nordring III: from Blücherstraße to Münsterstraße

(see also overview plan of the sections of the outer ring road; the designations Nordring I-III as well as Westring II-IV are for clarity, they are not part of the justifications for the plans).

The northern ring road thus serves to close the outer ring road in order to be able to adequately handle the increased traffic volume. The Nordring I area in particular also serves to develop a new residential area. Urban development concepts for this area have already been developed within the framework of the development concept for the north of Bocholt, Framework Plan North of 2009, .

All measures are also the subject of the mobility concept of the city of Bocholt, which was adopted by the city council on 7 October 2020 and is to be successively implemented over the next few years.

Planning principles

The Münsterland Regional Plan

Regionalplan Muensterland

© Stadt Bocholt

Münsterland Regional Plan

The Münsterland Regional Plan shows Bocholt's planned outer ring road as a "significant road". Potential areas for "housing" are predominantly found in the north of Bocholt. The development of these areas is therefore directly or indirectly dependent on the "northern ring road".

(see also Münsterland Regional Plan)

The land use plan

The Land Use Plan of the City of Bocholt (FNP)

  • Objective: Main road north and west ring with modified routing and residential development areas
  • The 119th amendment to the FNP between Hemdener Weg and Dinxperloer Straße has been legally effective since 6 March 2023.

Building rights for the main road are to be created by the development plan NW 28, which is currently in the process.

Development plans

After the adoption of the Framework Plan North in 2009 and the update in 2013, several land-use plan procedures have been initiated. In the following, you will find an overview of current land-use plan procedures, legally binding land-use plans (statutes) as well as land-use plan procedures / land-use plans that have become obsolete in the meantime.

Development plan NO 15
  • Development plan for internal development according to § 13a BauGB
  • Target: Nordring between Barloer Weg and Burloer Weg
  • Legally binding since 15.02.2013
  • Status: The section between Barloer Weg and Burloer Weg is built and in operation.
Current procedures

NW 28 Dinxperloer Straße/Hemdener Weg
Early participation from 01.09.2022 to 07.10.2022

10-7 Hemdener Weg
Early participation from 01.09.2022 to 07.10.2022

Framework Plan North

Development concept for Bocholt's north

The North Framework Plan is a development concept for the north of Bocholt.

The North Framework Plan was adopted by the city council on 16.09.2009 as an integrated spatial development concept for the north of Bocholt. In the years before, the framework conditions for Bocholt's road traffic had changed fundamentally.

In December 2006, the B67 between the Dingdener Straße junction and Rhede was opened to traffic. At the same time, the B67 was linked to Münsterstraße with the Südostring (south-east ring road) built by the city of Bocholt. In addition, the second construction phase of the Westring between Schwanenstraße and Dinxperloer Straße was opened with the Westringtunnel. With these extensive construction measures, the city of Bocholt has come a step closer to its goal of closing the outer ring road, which it has been pursuing for decades. Today, about two thirds of the outer ring road has been completed.

These construction measures have consequently led to a reorganisation of road traffic and an accompanying relief of many streets. In particular, Münsterstraße, Uhlandstraße, Westend and the southern section of Dinxperloer Straße should be mentioned here. In the north of Bocholt, on the other hand, it is mainly the residential roads through residential and recreational areas that are affected by additional traffic. In 2009, the city council adopted the Framework Plan North.

The North Master Plan envisages the consolidation of the settlement structure in connection with the construction of a new northern ring road (Nord-/Westring) in order to meet the prevailing demand for residential development areas and to relieve the city's traffic situation. The relief will have a positive effect on the existing residential areas along Dinxperloer Straße in particular. Furthermore, a new traffic routing leads to a better connection to the hospital to the north-east of the change area. Creeping traffic routes, which have so far led through the existing residential areas, can thus be avoided.

Three draft urban development concepts have been developed and weighed against and among each other in the framework plan north. In the process, the three planning variants were evaluated from the points of view of urban development and uses, economic efficiency, traffic, sport and the environment. The urban planning concept of variant 3 offered the possibility for more settlement area and at the same time a certain flexibility with regard to the location of the final route of the northern ring road.

In the following years, urban land-use planning procedures were initiated for further sub-areas (west and north ring road areas) of the framework plan. Consequently, there were certain changes in the settlement structure. This meant that the drafts from the 2013 North Framework Plan had to be updated.

Beschluss Rahmenplan Nord 2009

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Fortschreibung Rahmenplan Nord 2013

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Rahmenplan Nord aktuell

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