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Holiday offers

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Cover page holiday games
Here you can find the brochure for the 2024 holiday games.


Registration for holiday offers is made directly with the respective provider/provider of the programme.

The offers and contact/registration options can be found in the brochure opposite, which is also available as a handy printed copy at the information desk in the town hall (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 52-58) and at the municipal department for youth, family, school and sport (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 77).

Funding for participation through the education and participation package

Children and young people from low-income families also have the opportunity to take part in the holiday games and holiday camps. Provided that you

  • benefits according to SGB II (in particular unemployment benefit II or social benefit) or
  • social assistance according to SGB XII or according to §2 AsylbLG or
  • housing benefit or
  • child supplement

your children are entitled to benefits from the education and participation package.

Children and young people under the age of 18 are entitled to a credit of 15 euros per month for club, cultural or holiday activities, e.g. to take part in the holiday games and holiday camps listed in this brochure or to take part in sports or music lessons. Participation in the reliable summer holiday play programmes takes place without any personal contribution and therefore without any burden on this budget - more on this below.

You can claim the amount for leisure and cultural activities in monthly instalments of up to 15 euros or as a total amount saved up (max. 12 months = 180 euros) for a special activity. Always note the authorisation period.

In Bocholt, the Department of Social Affairs is responsible for public relations work in relation to the education and participation package. This also includes counselling with the aim of submitting applications and follow-up applications so that children and young people from low-income families can also take advantage of this financial support. Clubs, schools and daycare centres are also happy to provide comprehensive information on all the benefits of the education package and the Münsterland Card.

For information and advice, please contact

City of Bocholt

Department of Social Affairs

Berliner Platz 2

46395 Bocholt

Tel.: 02871/953 -2200

Mail: jobcenter(at)bocholt(dot)de

You can also find information on the education package at www.bildungspaket.bmas.de

Further general information is also available at www.bildungspaket.bmas.de

Paying with the Münsterland Card: Simple - unbureaucratic - secure

Since January 2017, anyone entitled to benefits from the education and participation package has received the Münsterland Card. Eligible children and young people use it to pay the costs of day trips, school trips, lunches, learning support, club fees and holiday games directly on site, without paper vouchers or cash.

Whether school, club, music school, day care centre or holiday play provider: Simply show the Münsterland Card, the provider notes the data and settles the bill via the Internet - quickly, easily, unbureaucratically and securely.

You can obtain the card in Bocholt from your clerk in the social services department or from your personal contact at the job centre.

All information about the Münsterland Card can be found on our topic page.

IMPORTANT: Assumption of the costs of the reliable summer holiday play programmes

The Department of Youth, Family, School and Sport of the City of Bocholt covers the costs for the reliable holiday play offers during the summer holidays for children who are holders of a Münsterland Card. This means that the credit on the Münsterland Card remains unaffected and is available for other leisure activities.

The prerequisite for this is that a copy of the Münsterland Card of the respective child is submitted as proof when registering for the holiday games with the respective provider of the holiday games.

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