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Useful tips for renovating old buildings

refurbishment guide symbol image

A practical aid for renovating old buildings

The renovation guide from Münsterland e.V. is here: on 70 pages, readers can find out everything they need to know about the steps involved in renovating old buildings. The guide can be downloaded here.

Targeted assistance as a video

The practice-oriented videos of the NEI Detmold offer targeted and practical assistance for self-providers and renovation workers, motivated homeowners and quality-conscious people. They are separated by topic, so they can be viewed in a very targeted way. This saves time and provides a clear view.

An overview through the jungle of the currently valid subsidies is also part of each video. All content is explained in an easy-to-understand manner and even questions of building physics, which always play an important role in thermal insulation measures, are no longer a mystery. Simply click on the desired topics.

Note: The videos are uploaded to the YouTube video platform. When you call up the videos, data may be transmitted to third parties.

  1. Concrete - basement ceilings
  2. Steel girders - basement ceilings
  3. Concrete upper store y ceilings
  4. Upper storey ceilings made of wood
  5. Pitched roofs plastered from the outside
  6. Pitched roofsfrom the inside
  7. Concrete flat roofs
  8. Wooden flat roofs - warm roofs
  9. Wooden flat roofs - cold roofs
  10. Double skin exterior walls
  11. Energy-efficient new construction BO
ThermoCard campaign

The following persons are approved by BAFA in Bocholt as energy efficiency experts.

(as of 05.01.2023, https://www.energie-effizienz-experten.de).

The advice provided by these persons is therefore eligible for funding. The listed experts are also eligible to apply for the KfW's Energy-efficient Construction and Refurbishment funding programmes.


Your name Contact
Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Eing

+49 2871 4080



E-ING Energy Consultancy
Brinkstegge 11
46395 Bocholt

Technical/ scientific studies

Frank Fischer

+49 202 4304 72 40


Wüppings Weide 12
46395 Bocholt

Dipl.-Ing. Olav Groß

+49 175 977 06 95


Meckenemstr. 14
46395 Bocholt

Training/studies: Electrical engineering

Andre Harbring

+49 2871 294 657


Energy Consultancy Harbring GmbH
Dingdener Str. 21
46395 Bocholt

Apprenticeship: Plumber and heating engineer
Degree: Master craftsman

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Imke Pross

+49 2871 21608-0


Engineering office Pross GbR
Am Holtwicker Bach 16
46397 Bocholt

Training/studies: Civil engineering

Jürgen Schniedertöns

+49 2871 43908


Kampstraße 46
46395 Bocholt

Training: Chimney sweep, qualification: Master craftsman

Thomas Venhorst

02871 252427


Servicegesellschaft Handwerk der KH-Borken GmbH
Europaplatz 17
46399 Bocholt

Training: Electrical engineer, master craftsman

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Norbert Willing

+49 2871 487074


Building Energy Consultancy Willing
Liederner Höfgraben 5a
46395 Bocholt

Training/studies: Mechanical engineering