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Volunteer Agency Bocholt

Strengthening voluntary work in Bocholt

Voluntary, civic engagement lives through the people who do it. The Bocholt Volunteer Agency is a service offered by the City of Bocholt and is organisationally located in the Department of Social Affairs. It acts as an initiator, mediator and intermediary between those interested in volunteering, organisations, companies, associations or other non-profit institutions that have voluntary tasks to offer.

Wherever possible, the volunteer agency relies on partnerships and cooperation with other local and supra-regional institutions.

The services of the Bocholt Volunteer Agency:

  • Information on all aspects of volunteering in Bocholt
  • Neutral advice and mediation on voluntary activities
  • Advice for non-profit organisations
  • Information on the "Volunteer Academy" (further training)
  • Information on projects and programmes

Click here to go to the website "Wir für Bocholt" (We for Bocholt), the website of the Bocholt Volunteer Agency.

The Bocholt Volunteer Card

Honorary work card Bocholt
© Stadt Bocholt

Civic engagement deserves recognition and appreciation!

That is why the North Rhine-Westphalian state government, together with many cities, districts and municipalities in the state, has introduced a state-wide volunteer card.

In Bocholt, too, deserving citizens who voluntarily help others can be awarded an honorary activity card.

The Ehrenamtskarte is an expression of appreciation for the great voluntary work of citizens and combines this appreciation with a practical benefit.

People who spend a particular amount of time working for the common good can use the card to take advantage of various offers from public, non-profit and private institutions at reduced rates.

In addition to many benefits from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Ehrenamtskarte is also linked to numerous offers from the city of Bocholt and, above all, from partners in the local economy, from associations and cultural institutions.

What is the Ehrenamtskarte?

With the Ehrenamtskarte, the city of Bocholt, the state government, the other participating municipalities, and above all entrepreneurs and traders from Bocholt would like to express their appreciation of people who do an above-average amount of voluntary work for the common good.

The Ehrenamtskarte has a cheque card format and bears the coat of arms of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and that of the city of Bocholt.

As a sign of recognition and appreciation, the Ehrenamtskarte in Bocholt is handed over personally by the mayor or his deputy.

What benefits do I receive with the Ehrenamtskarte?

Holders of the Bocholt volunteer card can take advantage of numerous attractive discounts in all participating municipalities. These include - depending on the municipality - reduced admission prices for museums, swimming pools and other public leisure facilities as well as discounts on adult education courses, in theatres, etc..

Each city has its own offers. The attractiveness of the volunteer card also depends above all on the offers of local partners from the private sector, clubs and cultural organisations.

In Bocholt, many partners are already involved in the volunteer card and more partners and therefore offers are constantly being added.

Holders of the volunteer card are regularly informed by the city about changes to the offers.

Current list of sponsors:

AVIE pharmacy (in the Kaufland building)

  • 10% discount on the entire product range (except prescription drugs and the statutory co-payment)

Carsten Häußler
Welfenstr. 21
46395 Bocholt
Tel: 02871 2921845
E-mail: apotheke-im-real-bocholt(at)avie-apotheke(dot)de

Azurit senior centre

  • One gourmet breakfast a month (please book in advance)

    Azurit Senior Citizens' Centre Bocholt
    Böwingsstegge 6 - 8
    46395 Bocholt
    Tel.: 02871 21930

BBV Media Group

  • Supports the city of Bocholt with the volunteer card as an editorial and advertising media partner

BBV Media Group
Editorial office
Europaplatz 26-28
46399 Bocholt
Phone: 02871 284-111
E-mail: redaktion(at)bbv-net(dot)de

Department of Education and Culture of the City of Bocholt

  • 50% discount on all cultural events organised solely by the Department of Culture and Education

Island pool "Bahia"

  • one free entry (3 hours) to the Bahia water world every year
  • You will receive a voucher when you receive your volunteer card and in subsequent years on your birthday
  • Offer only valid for holders of the Bocholt volunteer card

Bahia-Bad Bocholt
Hemdener Weg 169
46399 Bocholt
Tel.: 02871 272666
E-mail: info(at)bahia(dot)de

Hair Centre Gudel

  • 20 % discount on all services

Kneipp Association Bocholt

  • Once a year a free 6-week participation in the "Nordic-Walking-Treff"

Kneipp Association Bocholt e.V.
Günter Puhe
Im Königsesch 39
46395 Bocholt
Phone: 02871 13476
Email: info(at)kneippverein-bocholt(dot)de

Association "Living in old age"

  • A free breakfast once a year (please book in advance)

Leben im Alter e.V.
Andrea Unland
Adenauerallee 59
46399 Bocholt
Tel.: 02871 21765691
E-mail: aunland(at)l-i-a(dot)de

Bocholt-Isselburg Music School

  • 2 tickets for the price of 1 for concerts at the music school
  • Inclusion in the volunteer card VIP list
  • 10% discount for music students who are holders of the volunteer card

Bocholt-Isselburg Music School
Salierstr. 6
46395 Bocholt
Tel.: 02871 2391711

Cycling Club RC 77 Bocholt

  • 50 % reduction on the entry fee for the popular sports event "Roseversand RFT" and the permanent cycle tour "On old smugglers' trails"

RC Bocholt 77 e.V.

Feldmark-West shooting club

  • Free admission to all dance events organised by the shooting club
  • 50 % reduction on membership fees

Shooting club Feldmark-West e.V.

Saturn Bocholt

  • Free delivery and installation of all major appliances

Saturn Bocholt
Berliner Platz 2
46395 Bocholt
www.satu rn.de

Senior Citizens' Office City of Bocholt

  • Free admission to all events organised by the senior citizens' office (except trips)

Senior citizens' office of the city of Bocholt
Berliner Platz 2
46395 Bocholt
Telephone: 02871 953-520

Shopping Arcades

  • Daily 1 hour free parking on the parking decks of the shopping centre (parking chips can be activated from 9.30 am - 6 pm at the info point on the ground floor)

Shopping Arkaden Bocholt
Berliner Platz 2
46395 Bocholt
www.arka den-bocholt.de

Bocholt City Library

  • 50 % discount on the annual fees of the city library

Bocholt City Library
Hndenburgstraße 5
46395 Bocholt
https:// stadtbibliothek.bocholt.de

Bocholt City Museum

  • Free admission to the city museum (plus one accompanying person)

Bocholt City Museum
Osterstraße 66
46397 Bocholt
www.stad tmuseum-bocholt.de

City Savings Bank Bocholt

  • 50 % reduction on the cost of current account management (monthly flat rate)
  • 5 Euro price reduction on admission tickets to all events where Stadtsparkasse Bocholt is involved in advance sales.

Stadtsparkasse Bocholt
Neutorplatz 1
46395 Bocholt
www.stad tsparkasse-bocholt.de

Bocholt City Theatre

  • 50% discount on the purchase of a ticket to all events at Bocholt City Theatre (non-transferable ticket)

Bocholt City Theatre
Meckenemstraße 10
46395 Bocholt
www.stad ttheater-bocholt.de

Super-Wash car wash

  • 1.50 Euro discount on every wash programme

Super-Wash GmbH
Franzstr. 29
46395 Bocholt

Dance Centre Bocholt

  • 20% discount on all dance classes offered

Dance Centre Bocholt
Friedrich-Wilhelm-Str. 1
46397 Bocholt
www.tanz -center.de

Volksbank Bocholt eG

  • 50% reduction on account management costs (monthly flat rate)
  • Free issue of the VR-BildCard (with personalised motif)

Volksbank Bocholt
Meckenemsraße 10
46395 Bocholt

www.volk sbank-bocholt.de

Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg Adult Education Centre

  • Free events for holders of the volunteer card. Look out for the note "Ehrenamt" in the VHS programme.
  • Inclusion in the volunteer card VIP list with further benefits.

Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg Adult Education Centre
Bocholt office
Stenerner Weg 14a
46397 Bocholt


Requirements for receiving the Ehrenamtskarte

The basic requirement for the award of the Ehrenamtskarte is a voluntary or civic commitment of at least five hours per week or 250 hours per year on average, for example in a club, social institution or independent association.

The Volunteer Card is intended in particular to express gratitude and recognition to those who do not receive any financial benefits for their commitment in the form of lump-sum expense allowances or similar. Voluntary work must have been carried out for at least one year and in the area of the city of Bocholt and must be confirmed by the office in whose area you carry out the work.

Where is the Ehrenamtskarte valid?

The Ehrenamtskarte is valid throughout North Rhine-Westphalia, in all participating municipalities. You can find out which municipalities are already participating in the Ehrenamtskarte at www.ehrensache.nrw.de.

Where can I apply for the Ehrenamtskarte?

You can apply for the volunteer card at the Department of Social Affairs at the "Service-Büro Rente, Senioren, Betreuungen und Ehrenamt" of the City of Bocholt.

You can do this quickly and easily using the online form.

How long is the Ehrenamtskarte valid?

The Ehrenamtskarte is valid for two years after it has been issued. The Ehrenamtskarte can be re-applied for after expiry.

How much does the Ehrenamtskarte cost?

The Ehrenamtskarte is issued free of charge by the city of Bocholt to those who are committed. It is a tribute to all those who volunteer a considerable amount of their time and energy for our society and thus contribute to the common good.