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Housing allowance office

What we do

The tasks of the housing allowance office mainly include advising citizens seeking advice on housing allowance and the benefits of the education and participation package for housing allowance and child supplement recipients, as well as processing and paying applications for housing allowance (rent subsidy for tenants or burden subsidy for owner-occupied residential property).

The employees of the housing allowance office are also the contact persons when it comes to granting instalment payments/deferments in cases of overpayment.

Questions about the housing entitlement certificate?

Are you entitled to housing benefit?

Housing Benefit Reform 2023

On 1 January 2023, the Housing Benefit Reform 2023 will come into force, which will enable significantly more people to claim housing benefit.

However, longer processing times are to be expected, as the housing allowance authorities have to cope with the large number of new applications received with the existing staff. Citizens will not lose any entitlements, as the housing allowance is calculated retroactively from the date of receipt of the application.

Info on housing benefit