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Tours around Bocholt

The hub system in the Münsterland

KNP signage
© T.-I.

Cycling by numbers!

A wonderfully simple junction system! The junction numbers can be found on the respective intersections as junction hats. Additional inserts under the destination signposts help you find the right direction to the next junction or to a specific themed route, such as the 100 castles route or the popular Aa cycle path.

With the white and red signposts between the junctions, you always stay on the right track.

At the junctions, orientation boards depict the surrounding network and allow for spontaneous detours or shortcuts. Wonderfully simple!

The BVA cycle touring map of the district of Borken is available to go with it, price: 9.95 euros. Available here in the shop.

Star tours around Bocholt

© T.-I. R.Mö.

Bocholt is an ideal starting point for various cycling tours!

The elaborated routes of the two tour folders, each with "5 Bocholt Star Tours", lead across the junction networks of the Münsterland, the Lower Rhine and the neighbouring Dutch Achterhoek. Cycle easily from number to number and discover interesting destinations.

Price: 6.50 euros Available here in the shop .

A completely different landscape every day: today along the Bocholter-Aa to the castles in Münsterland, tomorrow towards the Rhine meadows, the day after tomorrow to the romantic Dutch Achterhoek.

.... and then there is the Hohe Mark Westmünsterland Nature Park holiday region, which should definitely be explored.

Links for tour planning

Bike rental / service

Bocholt bike station at the bus meeting point
Josef-Jakob-Platz 3
46399 Bocholt
Tel.: 02871 2513-1020
Mobile: 0151 12276282

Parking garage Am Nähkasten
Free e-bike parking with fixed
fixed bike racks and charging stations
Königstraße 18
46397 Bocholt

Zweiradfachgeschäft Hochrath
Dinxperloer Straße 268
46399 Bocholt
tel.: 02871-43426
FAX: 02871-487727

Bicycle Niebur
Münsterstraße 249
46397 Bocholt
phone: 02871-8757

Harm Takke Tweewielers
Weversstraat 4
7091 CM Dinxperlo, NL
Tel.: +31 315 651685
Fax: +31 315 654345

Bicycles Overkämping
Drosselstraße 5
46414 Rhede
Tel.: 0 28 72/98 00 53
Mobile: 0 17 6/22 87 92 43

Who knows of other bicycle rental stations?
Please let us know! i nfo@tou rist.info-bocholt.de

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Plan new tours easily yourself with the NRW cycle route planner....