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Residential plots in the city of Bocholt

Overview: Bocholt's new development areas

Bocholt is a city with a high quality of life and diverse housing standards. Find out more about your path to owning your own home in Bocholt with interesting information for builders.

The city of Bocholt is currently developing new housing areas in the following districts:

Mussum (click for plan)



From today's point of view, a municipal offer for the planned new building areas Mussum and Biemenhorst is not expected until the 4th quarter of 2023 at the earliest . For the planned new development area Holtwick/Lowick, an offer is expected in the 2nd quarter of 2024 at the earliest.

Plots in these new development areas are in the process of being approved by the building authorities and can only be offered as soon as the procedures have been completed and the development of the plots has been secured.

Price quotations and statements on secured time schedules are therefore not yet possible.

The path to owning your own home: The municipal list of interested parties

Are you interested in a municipal building plot in Bocholt? Great! Then sign up for the municipal list of interested parties.

  • The municipal list of interested parties informs you about future property offers.
  • Registration is non-binding and free of charge.

Important to know: Registration in the municipal list of interested parties is not an application for a specific property offer, but an entry in a free and non-binding information system. No ranking is generated in the list of interested parties. Please also note the data protection information.

Click here to register on the municipal list of interested parties

This is how urban housing plots are allocated

Residential building plots are in high demand. The demand is matched by a limited supply from both the city of Bocholt and the private market.

Residential building plots are therefore offered to those who want to build a house promptly and with the intention of immediate owner-occupation. Nevertheless, necessary selection decisions are to be expected. These are made independently and on the legal basis of municipal policy guidelines.

Thebasis for the allocation are the allocation guidelines of the city of Bocholt of 12.11.2014.

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