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Cycling City

Bocholt is known as a city of cyclists. Why is that so? What does the city do for it?

The bicycle is part of everyday life and the cityscape in Bocholt. The city has a very well-developed network of cycle paths. With the "Rose" company, a bicycle specialist known throughout Europe has its headquarters in Bocholt.

Most bicycle-friendly town according to the ADFC

The ADFC Bicycle Climate Test is the "customer barometer" of cyclists in Germany. Well over 100,000 citizens take part in the ADFC surveys and rate the bicycle-friendliness of German cities.

Bocholt has already received several awards from the Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club (ADFC) e.V. for being the most bicycle-friendly medium-sized town (50,000 - 100,000 inhabitants). Among other things, Bocholt scores with the good accessibility of the city centre and the well-developed cycle paths.

"In Bocholt, children are born with the Fietse (colloquially: bicycle)."

Bocholt saying

Good to know...

Cycle tourism

Bocholt - a paradise for cyclists

The cycling town of Bocholt invites you to take tours in the town area and in the neighbouring areas of the Münsterland, the Lower Rhine and the Netherlands.

Supra-regional and regional themed routes lead through Bocholt and offer the opportunity, for example, to explore rural hospitality on the Hohe Mark cycle route, charming towns on the "Bocholter Aa" cycle route or castles and palaces with impressive parks on the 100 castles route.

Tours in all directions

Tours by bicycle delight guests and Bochol residents alike. The Bocholter speaks of so-called "Pättkesfahrten".

Tip: Make Bocholt the 'hub' for your cycle tour in the direction of the Netherlands, Münsterland, the Ruhr region and the Lower Rhine:

Cycling as a means of transport

A matter of course in Bocholt

Whether it's the proximity to the cycle-friendly Dutch, the flat and short routes or simply the charm of the "Münsterland park landscape", the bicycle is one of the most popular and important means of transport in Bocholt.

Almost everyone in Bocholt owns at least two bicycles and rides their "Fietse" from childhood to old age.

The bicycle is particularly dominant in school transport. In addition, e-bikes and pedelecs, i.e. electronically powered bicycles, are on the rise.

39 % Cycling

Already today, cycling accounts for about 39 percent of the total traffic volume. And the city of Bocholt has ambitious plans for the future: The already high share of cycling is to be further increased.

At the same time, cycling in the city of 71,000 inhabitants is to become even more attractive and easier.

Urban planning

Focus on cycling

The promotion of cycling has a decades-long tradition in Bocholt. And because of the great importance of cycling, the city administration has a high level of competence for issues related to cycling. The activities are coordinated by the Mobility and Environment Department.

City of short distances

In Bocholt, the "city of short distances", the needs of cyclists are taken into account in many ways: For example, housing developments are planned so that roads and paths are optimised for cyclists and pedestrians.

There are numerous 30 km/h speed zones in Bocholt, one-way streets that can be used by cyclists in both directions, cycle paths on main roads and independent cycle paths and footpaths. This close-meshed and finely structured network makes cycling as a means of transport attractive not only for sports enthusiasts or environmentally conscious Bochol residents, but for anyone who simply wants to get from A to B quickly.

The result: for distances of up to three kilometres, the journey times by bicycle in Bocholt are usually significantly shorter than by car.

Road safety

Safe and fast on the road by bike

Cyclists can move safely in road traffic in Bocholt. For example, on all roads with less traffic, cycling traffic is guided in so-called mixed traffic with motor vehicles on the carriageway. On roads with heavier traffic, generously dimensioned cycle paths provide the necessary protection.

Bocholt is a pioneer in the area of important traffic junctions. The cyclist is given the necessary space and guidance through the use of advanced parking areas, so-called "bays", as well as generous road markings. Separate signals for cyclists at almost all traffic lights provide a time advantage. This increases safety for "bikers" enormously.

Dedicated cycle lanes and cycle paths

In Bocholt there are numerous cycle lanes that give cyclists priority over cars. Existing cycle paths have been upgraded to cycle fast lanes. Here, cyclists have the right of way at road junctions. After all, cyclists should not only reach their destination safely, but also as quickly as possible.

Parking facilities

Cycle station and parking spaces

In Bocholt, the commitment to cyclists does not only include flowing traffic: those who have reached their destination want to park their "Fietse" safely and protected from the weather. Conversely, other road users should not be hindered by parked bikes.

For this reason, Bocholt has set up bicycle parking spaces or a bicycle station at important locations, such as in the city centre, Liebfrauenplatz, the bus station and the railway station. Bikers can park their bikes at covered or guarded parking spaces.

The bike station at the "Bustreff" also has a bike workshop that carries out minor repairs and maintenance work. With the parking spaces at the "Bustreff" and at the station, cycling is also optimally linked to local public transport.

Climate protection

"Klimakommune Bocholt" wants to be a role model in NRW.

The commitment to cycling is recognised by the citizens. For example, in the ADFC's bicycle climate test, Bocholt was the national winner several times in the category "Cities/Municipalities with less than 100,000 inhabitants".

In addition, Bocholt is one of two cities that emerged as the winner of the "Aktion Klimaplus - NRW-Klimakommune der Zukunft" (Climate Plus Campaign - NRW Climate Municipality of the Future), which was announced by the NRW Ministry for the Environment and Nature Conservation, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. In the course of the kick-off event "Klimakommune Bocholt" in 2009, the shopping bicycle trailer (so-called climate shopper) proved to be a bestseller. In addition, bicycle fairs have since been held under the motto "Radtrends".

Under the guiding theme "Vielfältige Fietse - Beschleunigungsmaßnahmen für den Radverkehr" (Multifaceted Fietse - Acceleration Measures for Cycling), cycle lanes were built.

These measures, among others, make Bocholt a role model for environmentally friendly mobility:

  • Fast cycle lanes
  • Bicycle fair
  • Free bus on sales-free Sundays
  • Climate shopper
  • Bicycle stand at the town hall

Member of the "AG fahrradfreundlicher Städte NRW" (Working Group of Bicycle-Friendly Towns and Districts in North Rhine-Westphalia)

Bocholt is part of the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft fahrradfreundliche Städte, Gemeinden und Kreise in Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V." (Working Group of Bicycle-Friendly Cities, Municipalities and Districts in North Rhine-Westphalia) in order to plan the future of cycling together with other cities.


The bicycle always in the "back of your mind

The city of Bocholt is not resting on its laurels, but is working specifically to exploit further potential for the development of cycling. Among other things, further sections of the road and path network are to be converted into cycle paths and cycle lanes in the next few years.

Conclusion: There is always room for improvement. And so the city stays on the ball to constantly develop and expand the topics around the popular "Fietsenverkehr". This task enjoys a high priority in transport planning.