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Bocholt water fun

Splashing water fountains with light and music in Bocholt city centre on the market square

27.06. - 28.07. 2024

This summer, a fantastic, child-friendly water play area measuring 10 x 10 metres will be set up in the middle of the market square in front of the historic town hall. From 27 June to 28 July, the water play fountain will offer entertainment for all ages to play and watch. The "PlayFountain" will provide plenty of fun Monday to Saturday from 9am-7pm and Sunday from 10am-7pm with a varied programme of games. Afterwards, from 7pm to 9pm , a quieter show programme with matching light illuminations will provide entertainment.


Water play area on the market square

The "PlayFountain" is a mobile play fountain where exciting, intuitive and interactive water games take place. 1,024 water jets can shoot up to 4 metres into the sky, offering enormous water fun. There are spectacular water shows with light illuminations and water games with suitable background music. Hot summer days in Bocholt city centre thus become a joyful experience for the whole family. Parents and visitors can enjoy the days in the city centre during the summer holidays with their children, who will have enormous fun.

Up to 70 people can jump up and play without having to wait. The PlayFountain requires no supervision, always has ideal water quality and is safe. Cooling off, refreshment and water fun are guaranteed on a PlayFoutain. The attraction is very energy-efficient - it uses about as much energy as a refrigerator. The water is also 95% recycled. The water is filtered, treated and checked daily so that all limits are adhered to.

Music programme

On three Friday evenings, musicians will perform on the PlayFountain - surrounded by water, all visitors will be spoilt with good music. On Thursday, 11 July, Christian Mallach will delight all visitors with warm and rousing saxophone sounds, on 12 July Sandra Vanreys will perform with an expressive voice and sensitive guitar playing and on 19 July Thomas Engelmann will bring passionate and dynamic sounds to the stage with his saxophone.

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