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15. March 2023Europe/EDI

My Europe - Discover Malta from a new perspective

My Europe - Malta // 22 March 2023 - 7pm // Free online event in English

The EUROPE DIRECT Bocholt draws attention to an online event on 22 March at 7pm. "My Europe - Malta" is part of an interactive digital series of events in which young people from different European countries talk about Europe and their personal areas of interest. To register, go to www.mein-europa.eu.

Speaker Andrew Micallef

The guest speaker Andrew Micallef is 25 years old and comes from Malta. He currently works for an NGO in the European sector in Brussels. In addition to law and European studies, he is interested in the conservation of the natural and built environment, as well as history and art in general. The event will be moderated by journalist Katharina Ross.

Freedom of the Press in Malta

In terms of freedom of the press, Malta scores lower than almost any other country in Europe. The working conditions of journalists are characterised by a lack of rule of law, a lack of independence of the judiciary and regular attempts at political influence. The country's main media are financed by political parties. This sometimes leads to disinformation and distorted reporting.

The event, which will last about 90 minutes, will allow participants to ask the speaker, Andrew Micallef, questions about the press landscape in Malta via a chat. However, many other aspects can also be addressed. The participants themselves will not be present at the event. The moderator will take up the questions, which will be answered afterwards at the event.

The event partners

The event series is free of charge and is organised by a large network: AEGEE Aachen, Institut Francais Aachen, JEF NRW, Charlemagne Prize Foundation, Charlemagne Prize Academy, and the EUROPE DIRECT Centres in Aachen, East Belgium, Gütersloh District, Dortmund, Duisburg, Essen and Bocholt.