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Urban cleanliness

Who is responsible for urban cleanliness?

We are active in keeping the city clean all year round: we empty 1,000 wastebaskets and clean the squares after weekly markets. Streets and cycle paths are swept regularly. In autumn we take care of the leaves on the street trees and in winter the snow. Directly after major events such as New Year's Eve, Shrove Monday and the funfair, we are out and about cleaning the city of rubbish.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get dog waste bags in Bocholt?

In Bocholt, we offer dog waste bag dispensers as a service at around 40 locations. In addition, the recycling centre distributes dog waste bags on request.

Where do I dispose of my rubbish on the road?

There are about 1000 waste paper bins in the Bocholt city area. This means that there are sufficient opportunities to dispose of waste in a short distance.

When do waste collections take place?

Compared to many other cities, Bocholt is already a very clean city. Nevertheless, from time to time there are dirty spots that catch the eye.

Some families, neighbourhoods or associations are very concerned about their living environment and would like to lend a hand themselves and thus support the work of the waste disposal and service company. The ESB is happy to help!

You can find out more on the waste advice page.

Where can I report damage and wild rubbish dumps?

Anyone who notices damage in Bocholt can report it conveniently! This is possible both by telephone and online via the idea and defect reporter. The free waste app ESB provides mobile access to the online form. This way you can also report damage with a photo from the place where it happened.

Who is responsible for cleanliness?