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Support centre

I would like to make provisions at an early stage if I find myself in a situation where I can no longer manage my personal affairs myself due to illness, accident or disability.

Our tasks

Again and again one hears of events and strokes of fate in which people suddenly and unintentionally find themselves in situations in which they can no longer make decisions for themselves. They are then dependent on the help of other people who can make decisions and manage personal affairs on their behalf.

They need people who

  • Know your wishes
  • Know how you would decide for yourself in which life situation
  • Act in your best interests
  • Implement the decisions you make now in the future

Here we give you an idea of the legal options you have to make self-determined and forward-looking provisions for an emergency and thus ensure that your will is also taken into account in this situation. Contact us if you have any questions. So that you can rest assured.

In addition, you have the possibility to have your power of attorney for precaution publicly certified by the guardianship office of the city of Bocholt.

As a large municipality belonging to the district, the city of Bocholt is the only municipality in the district of Borken to be a guardianship authority in the sense of the State Guardianship Act.

In addition to providing guardianship court assistance for the local court, one of the main tasks is to recruit, advise, train and support voluntary guardians. Those with power of attorney are also supported in the same way.

How to take precautions

Healthcare proxy

You can only grant this power of attorney effectively as long as you have legal capacity. In such a power of attorney, you can specify the areas of life for which the authorised representative may decide and act on your behalf (e.g. in health or property matters).

You can also specify the conditions for how and when the authorised representative may act on your behalf. As a rule, there is no judicial review of the implementation and use of the power of attorney by your authorised representative(s).

You can download the document here. (PDF)

Care decree

In the event that legal guardianship is set up, you can set out your suggestions for the selection of your legal guardian in writing in advance. In such a care directive, you can also declare which person should not be appointed to provide legal care and which wishes you have regarding the provision of care.

You can also make such a declaration of intent if you are no longer legally competent. The guardianship court will take your proposals into account if they are not contrary to your best interests and you clearly wish to adhere to your proposals. The proposed person must be suitable and willing to take over legal guardianship for you.

Living will

In a living will, you can specify whether and to what extent medical measures should be carried out or terminated in the event of your incapacity to make decisions in certain, specified medical situations.

In this way, you can influence medical treatment despite your current inability to make decisions and thus preserve your right to self-determination.