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 Markgrafenstrasse fire
Markgrafenstrasse fire
01. December 2023Fire brigade

FW Bocholt: Flat fire with human life in danger

Bocholt (ots) -

At around 8.45 pm, the Bocholt fire and rescue services were alerted to a flat fire on Markgrafenstraße with a report of human life in danger.
On arrival at the scene, the police had already begun to evacuate the remaining flats.
The fire brigade immediately sent two teams, protected by breathing apparatus, into the flat on fire. The resident was able to rescue himself beforehand and was transported to hospital by the emergency services with minor injuries.
There was no other person in the flat on fire. The burning flat was quickly extinguished by the two teams. This prevented the fire from spreading to the neighbouring flats.
All residents of the building were examined and cared for by the emergency services. There were no other casualties.
The flat on fire was completely destroyed, all other flats are still habitable.
The fire and rescue services were on site with a total of 32 firefighters and ten vehicles.

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Bocholt fire brigade
Martin Bühs
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E-mail: martin.buehs(at)bocholt(dot)de

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 Markgrafenstrasse fire
Markgrafenstrasse fire