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 For autumn leaves there's the ESB leaf bin

For autumn leaves there's the ESB leaf bin

© Stadt Bocholt

14. September 2023Disposal company

Organic waste bin for leaves available from 26 September

Leaf bin of the waste disposal and service company (ESB) can be collected from the recycling centre

Where to put the autumn leaves? The city of Bocholt provides a special leaf bin for Bocholt residents whose organic waste bins are overflowing with leaves in autumn. This can be collected from the recycling centre from Tuesday, 26 September, or will be brought for a fee.

After the warm and humid summer, the trees are bearing a lot of foliage this year. The autumn colouring begins and with it the leaf drop is approaching. In autumn, the volume of the organic waste bins is quickly insufficient to get rid of the leaves, especially in the case of large trees. The waste disposal and service company (ESB) will therefore be offering leaf bins again from the end of September.

The bins can be collected from the ESB recycling centre (Schaffeldstr. 74) during opening hours from Tuesday, 26 September. For the three-month seasonal period, there is a usage fee of 24 euros per leaf bin. As an alternative to collection from the recycling centre, the ESB will deliver the leaf bins for a transport fee of 10 euros per transport. Just call or send an e-mail with your name and address.

Keeping leaves in the bins saves energy

After the season, the bins may remain at the borrower's premises. This eliminates the need to transport the bins. Those who have decided to keep the bin until the next leaf season will receive a season sticker from the ESB in late summer. Of course, the bins can also be returned. For a fee of 10 euros, the ESB will take over this transport service.

Emptying every fortnight

The leaf bins are added to the 2-weekly organic waste collection and emptied until the end of December. From January onwards, the leaf bins will no longer be emptied. The use of the leaf bins is limited to the urban area of Bocholt. This regulation does not apply to outdoor areas where no organic waste bins have been placed.

In the garden, leaves should be left under trees, shrubs and hedges if possible. This layer of leaves provides an important protective cover for small soil organisms. In addition, the rotting leaves are a natural fertiliser for the soil and at the same time protect it from drying out.

If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Heinen at 24 63 25 or e-mail daniel.heinen(at)esb.bocholt(dot)de.

All information on the leaf bin is also available at www.bocholt.de/laubtonne.

 For autumn leaves there's the ESB leaf bin

For autumn leaves there's the ESB leaf bin

© Stadt Bocholt