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City tour anno 1900....

Bocholt city tour in 1900 with the quack doctor

...... with the Bocholt Quack

City tour anno 1900
© T.-I., R.Mö.

With twirled moustache and bowler hat, the Bocholt quack in the black frock coat welcomes his guests in Bocholt at the Europabrunnen in front of the historic town hall. He is the Bocholt town guide and storyteller from the time around 1900.

Frank Telaar, alias the Bocholt Quack, will take participants on a 90-minute tour of Bocholt's town history at the beginning of the 20th century. There are many interesting and interesting facts about the life of Bocholt's citizens and the booming textile industry from this exciting era.

He tells about the doctor Dr. Bönninghausen on Nordstraße or about the "Restauration Ellering" on Ravardistraße, where people even then drank the odd beer that once cost 24 pfennings. Money had to be earned hard and there were considerable differences in the standard of living between the social classes.

In an entertaining and amusing way, the quack tells about everyday life and explains some of the history of the urban buildings, squares and streets in Bocholt.

This tour is also suitable for school classes.

Price: 9.50 euros per person.

Meeting place: Europabrunnen in front of the historic town hall.

Bookable: Tourist-Info Bocholt, info(at)tourist-info-bocholt(dot)de, +49 (0)2871 5044

Individual private group tours at a date of your choice: Arrange appointments directly with the quack Tel. 0176 56804155

Due to the limited number of participants, prior booking is required for the guided tour of Bocholt anno 1900 with the quack.
Participation at your own risk. The tour will not take place in the event of an official storm warning.

Event Details


16. March 2024


18:00 - 19:30 clock



46399 Bocholt



Nordstrasse 14

46399 Bocholt