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Children's fire brigade

Welcome to the "Funkenflitzern"!

Children's fire brigade_Bocholt
© Stadt Bocholt

The smallest unit of the fire brigade, the "Funkenflitzer", are a really cool bunch of girls and boys who are interested in firefighting and everything related to it.

Curious kids between the ages of 8 and 12 can join the children's fire brigade.

This is what you can discover with us:
  • Fire engines are put under the microscope
  • We discover the firefighting clothing
  • How to behave in the event of a fire
  • The "emergency call
  • First aid with and for children and young people
  • Getting to know the main fire station and the surrounding appliance houses
  • All kinds of games and sports
  • Being part of a great community
  • Experiments on the subject of "fire
  • Baking together during Advent
  • Exciting trips to the bowling alley and the cinema
  • Camps in the summer
Who can take part?
  • You should be between 8 and 12 years old.
  • Girls and boys are equally welcome
  • You should have fun and interest in the fire brigade
  • Be reliable, honest and helpful
  • Be available for 90 minutes every fortnight for the next two years.

About us

The team of supervisors of the children's fire brigade includes:
  • Martina and Torsten Dekker
  • Eni and Dieter Renzel
  • Petra Hübers
  • Christian Stratmann
  • Jenny Daniel
  • Nadine and Peter Erfmann
  • Bärbel Walke
Job descriptions of our team

Our team unites full-time as well as voluntary staff of the fire brigade Bocholt. Pedagogical staff from schools and kindergarten facilities in Bocholt support us.

That's us!