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Recycling centre

The first address for proper disposal

Since 1997, the recycling centre on Schaffeldstraße has enjoyed great popularity. Up to 1000 visitors use it daily for the proper disposal of recyclables and problem waste. Our expert staff will support you in all disposal matters. Below you will find a lot of interesting information about visiting the recycling centre.

What kind of waste can be handed in?

Waste type Examples Notes
Old files e.g. paper that must be disposed of in accordance with data protection law Disposal liable to costs!
Used fats e.g. old cooking oil, deep-frying oil
Attention: No motor oil
Old clothes / shoes e.g. serviceable clothing, bedding, shoes
Attention: No rags, no fabric remnants.
Deliver in a sealed old clothes bag or rubbish bag!
Waste paper

e.g. newspapers, magazines, cardboard, cartons, books, brochures
Attention: No wallpaper

Building rubble
e.g. stones, clinker bricks, tiles
Attention: No eternit, no mixed construction waste, no plasterboard
Maximum quantity: 0.5 cbm
CDs / DVDs
Please note: No floppy disks, no music cassettes, no video cassettes. Please without packaging and wrapping
Electrical appliances
e.g. disused electrical and cooling appliances of all kinds
Attention: No night storage heaters
Please return unpacked. Batteries / rechargeable batteries must be removed beforehand and handed in separately.
Illuminants / fluorescent tubes
e.g. energy-saving lamps, fluorescent tubes and LED lamps
Please note: No light bulbs, no halogen lamps.
Please handle with care and do not break!
Garden waste
e.g. tree and shrub cuttings
Attention: No lawn cuttings, no grass ploughs, no tree roots, no tree trunks
Maximum quantity: 2 cbm, diameter up to 8 cm, length up to 1.5 metres
Yellow sacks
e.g. filled with sales packaging made of plastic, tinplate, aluminium, composite material
Please note: No non-packaging materials such as laundry baskets or children's toys.
Maximum quantity per delivery: 20 sacks
Wood (furniture wood)
e.g. furniture, furniture parts that count as bulky waste (e.g. cupboard, table, chair) Maximum quantity: 2 cbm, please cut into boards
Wood (construction timber)
e.g. natural and varnished wood, chipboard
Attention: No railway sleepers, no impregnated wood from outside, no plasterboard
Maximum annual quantity: 1 cbm
e.g. bottle corks made of natural cork
Attention: No plastic corks, no crown corks
e.g. hard plastics made of PE and PP (e.g. laundry baskets, garden chairs)
Attention: No construction waste
e.g. ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, aluminium, scrap metal, cables
Problem waste
e.g. paints, varnishes, solvents, adhesives, acids, alkalis, rechargeable batteries, batteries, medicines, aerosol cans with contents, pesticides, poisonous / oily waste, cleaning agents, thermometers
Please note: No explosive problem waste (e.g. fireworks).
Hand in at the problem waste collection point at the recycling centre. Do not mix! Leave in the original packaging! For larger quantities, call the waste advice centre beforehand!
Residual waste
Non-recyclable waste from private households: e.g. renovation waste, wallpaper remnants, PVC, plastic strips, plastic cisterns, curtains, rags, household waste.
Attention: No building materials

Subject to fees!
see below

Maximum quantity: 1 cbm or 100 kg

Attention: No paper prints, no negatives, no photos

Bulky waste
e.g. bulky inventory (e.g. chairs, tables, upholstered furniture, plastic garden furniture, bulky toys, mattresses, upholstery, skis, tents)
Attention: No car parts, no components

Wooden furniture: see -> Wood

Maximum quantity: 2 cbm
2 x per year
Bring a completed bulky waste card

Carpet waste
e.g. carpets of all kinds, carpet tiles
Attention: No PVC

Maximum quantity: 50 m² carpet area

The Bocholt recycling centre

Frequently asked questions

What do I have to pay attention to during delivery?

If you want to dispose of waste directly at the Bocholt recycling centre, you need to take a few things into account:

  • The recycling centre accepts waste from private households that accumulates there in small quantities .
  • Only those who pay waste disposal fees in Bocholt are entitled to use it. Please take your identity card with you when you visit the recycling centre.
  • Pre-sort the waste according to materials when loading the vehicle. We reserve the right to turn away large quantities of unsorted waste.
  • Bring helpers with you for unloading! Of course we are happy to help you, but during busy periods our employees do not always have time to help you unload.
  • For a smooth process and for your own safety, please follow the instructions of the staff on site.

Tip: Use the less busy days of Wednesday and Thursday for your visit!

How much will disposal cost me?

A fee must be paid for the delivery of residual waste. The maximum quantity is 1 cbm.

The fee for the disposal of residual waste:

  • Quantity up to 200 litres or 20 kilograms: 5 euros
  • Quantity up to 500 litres or 50 kilograms: 10 euros
  • Quantity up to 1000 litres or 100 kilograms: 15 euros

Paper that must be disposed of in accordance with data protection regulations can be handed in at the recycling centre for a fee . The papers can remain in the folder. A maximum of 50 folders will be accepted. Payment is made on site at the automatic pay station either in cash or by EC card.


  • up to 10 folders: 5 euros
  • up to 25 folders: 10 euros
  • up to 50 folders: 20 Euro

Please enquire in advance at the recycling centre for quantities over 25 fold ers.

Payment can be made in cash or by EC card at the automatic pay station.

How does bulky waste disposal work?

  • Please bring a completed bulky waste card with you. If you are making your own delivery, please fill in the BLUE box.
  • The quantity is limited to 2 cbm of non-recyclable bulky waste, such as upholstered furniture, plastic chairs, paddling pools.
  • Large-volume waste such as cupboards and chests of drawers must be broken down into "board form".
  • Bring helpers, as the staff at the recycling centre cannot help unload every vehicle.
  • Only bulky waste from private households in Bocholt is accepted.