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Waste Navi

Never miss an appointment again!

The Waste Navi offers several services under one roof. The information is available both on the internet and as a free app.

The waste app of the ESB

Frequently asked questions

What information does the waste navi provide?

  • A personalisable waste calendar
  • A reminder function via e-mail
  • All waste disposal locations
  • A guidebook / waste ABC

What does the digital calendar offer?

After creating a profile, you can generate the waste calendar for your property, transfer it to your personal digital calendar and print or save it as a PDF document. This gives you a clear overview of your disposal dates.

Is there a charge for the waste app?

No. The waste app is available free of charge in the Google Play Store (for Android devices) and in the Apple AppStore (for the iPhone).

What does the waste app offer?

With the waste app, various services are available to you on the move:

  • Disposal dates
  • Disposal locations
  • Waste ABC
  • Current information
  • Bulky waste registration (via homepage)
  • Damage report (via homepage)

Waste Navi