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Volunteering and round tables

Round Table "Language

The Round Table Language is primarily concerned with the selection and procurement of literature for the language courses organised on a voluntary basis. In addition, the training of volunteer language assistants and the coordination of language seekers and volunteer providers are important components of the work of this round table. The round table is moderated by Elisabeth Schmeinck (Volkshochschule Bocholt).

Currently there are about 90 courses plus individual support by volunteers. In 2017, almost 15,000 lessons were offered. There are more than 1,700 registrations for the courses. In addition, many participants take advantage of the individual support offered by volunteers.

Round Table "Work and Occupation

The Round Table Work & Occupation was merged with the Round Table Education & Training due to thematic overlaps. The Round Table will continue under the name Education, Training & Work.

Integration in Bocholt

Round Table "Education, Upbringing & Work

The integration of refugees in kindergartens, schools, other educational institutions and the workplace is the topic of the Round Table on Education, Upbringing & Work. This round table is led by Doris Springer (Department of Youth, Family, School and Sport) and Steffi Mohr (jusina e. V.).

The focus is usually on the transition from school to work. One idea that emerged from this round table, for example, is the offer of an app for refugees, but also for volunteers. The app Integreat has been available as a free download for iOS and Android since February 2017. The content structure is based on the topics of the round tables. Refugees were also involved in the content design. The app is updated regularly.

The data entry form for the help plan also originates from an idea of this round table. In order not to lose the young refugees, who are already 18 years old, in the school system, regular help plan conferences take place to discuss individual help plan measures for the young adults.

Culture & Faith" Round Table

The focus of the Culture & Faith Round Table, moderated by Jule Wanders (Department of Culture and Education) and Christian Jung (Family Education Centre Bocholt), is the integration of refugees into the intercultural associations and migrant organisations in Bocholt.

It also serves as a network to provide an overview of the multitude of cultural events on offer in Bocholt. This is also intended to create a network of cultural offerings in Bocholt.