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Culture pass

Culture pass: Your budget for culture
With the Kulturpass app, access is a breeze.

Discover local culture with the KulturPass!

Get a free budget of 200 euros with the KulturPass and support local cultural workers. As soon as you turn 18 this year, you can use the KulturPass. Use your budget for a wide range of cultural activities, such as cinema, museum, theatre, concerts, books or records.

As an initiative of the German Bundestag, supported by Minister of State for Culture and Media Claudia Roth and Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner, we want to inspire young people for culture and strengthen local cultural providers.

Download the KulturPass app to your mobile phone and discover cultural offerings in your area.

Interested? Then register now!


Stadttheater Bocholt e.V. In the Volksbank,
Meckenemstraße 10,
46395 Bocholt
KINODROM Multiplex Bocholt Meckenemstraße 8,
46395 Bocholt
Mayersche Bookshop Berliner Platz 2,
46395 Bocholt
Bocholt Handicraft Museum Köcherstraße 4,
46395 Bocholt

Frequently asked questions

Who can use the Culture Pass?

In the 2023 pilot phase, the KulturPass is only aimed at those born in 2005.

With the KulturPass app, all young people living in Germany who turn 18 in 2023 (i.e. born in 2005) will have access to a budget of 200 euros, which they can use in the app for cultural offerings. From the age of 18, the budget can be activated and used. For all others, the app and its information are also accessible - but without a budget.

More information is available in the campaign's knowledge database.

How can I register for the KulturPass?

Since 14 June 2023, it has been possible to register for the KulturPass. From this date, the accompanying app "KulturPass" will also be available in the app stores.

To register digitally in the KulturPass app, you need one of the following three documents:

  • ID card with online ID function (for German citizens)
  • eID card (for EU citizens)
  • Electronic residence permit (for non-EU citizens residing in Germany)

You can find the individual steps for registration in the KulturPass app. Once registered, you can take advantage of the many offers from the various providers and redeem your budget via the KulturPass website or app.
Information on the online ID function of your identity card:

Nowadays, ID cards are only produced and issued with the online function switched on. This means that if you have not yet used the online function, you only have to activate it.

In order to be able to use this online function, you have received a PIN either from the Citizens' Registration Office or from the Aliens' Registration Office. If you have not yet activated the function but can no longer find your PIN, you can have a new PIN issued for your online ID card or your eID card at your citizens' registration office. You can find information on this at www.personalausweisportal.de. Or you can go to www.pin-ruecksetzbrief-bestellen.de and order a letter to have your PIN reset. Both are free of charge for you.
You can get a new PIN for your electronic residence permit at the Aliens' Registration Office. Once you have generated your PIN, you can then activate the online function either with a smartphone and the ID card app2 or at a citizen terminal.

More information is available in the campaign's knowledge database.

Why is the online ID card function of the ID card needed?

In order to ensure that only authorised users register in the KulturPass app, age and residence in Germany will be verified in accordance with data protection regulations using electronic identification procedures. This will be done at the start via the online ID card (eID).

The eID function is also open to EU citizens via the eID card and to non-EU foreigners via the electronic residence permit. Further information on the online ID cards can be found here:


To use the functions in the KulturPass app, either the five-digit transport PIN or the six-digit personal PIN is required.

More information can be found in the campaign's knowledge database.

Can I cash out my KulturPass budget?

No, the KulturPass budget cannot be cashed out. The 200 euros of the KulturPass can only be used in the KulturPass app.

The virtual budget can only be used for offers that can be reserved in the KulturPass app.

The budget cannot be paid out. Also excluded is the return of items from the KulturPass for cash and the subsequent offsetting of tickets or items already purchased that were not purchased in the KulturPass app (e.g. if you already bought a festival ticket in March).

More information can be found in the campaign's knowledge database.

Can only 18-year-olds with German citizenship obtain the KulturPass?

In the pilot phase 2023, the KulturPass is aimed at all young people residing in Germany, regardless of their nationality. In the registration process, users must prove that their place of residence is in Germany; nationality is irrelevant.

The eID function, which is used in the registration process to verify identity, is available to German citizens via the online ID card, to EU citizens via the eID card and to non-EU foreigners via the electronic residence permit. We are currently working on a technical solution to enable 18-year-olds with toleration status to access the KulturPass.

You can find more information here:
Who can register for the KulturPass?