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Public policy

The Public Order Office of the City of Bocholt

If measures have to be taken to avert danger, the Public Order Department takes them in accordance with the provisions of the Public Order Authorities and Police Act and thus maintains public safety and order.


On the basis of Section 27 (1) of the Public Order Authorities Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (OBG NRW), the public order authorities can issue ordinances to avert threats to public safety or order. Ordinances issued by public order authorities contain abstract-general regulations, i.e. they apply to an indefinite number of dangerous situations (abstract validity) and an indefinite number of persons (general validity).

In principle, each city can decide for itself, according to its local circumstances and needs, which regulations it considers sensible and necessary for its urban area. Regulatory ordinances are passed by the city council.

Legal basis

The original text of the Ordnungsbehördliche Verordnung zur Aufrechterhaltung der Öffentlichen Sicherheit und Ordnung im Gebiet der Stadt Bocholt can be found here.

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