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Speeding here

Speed cameras are currently being used here:

Hamalandstraße (border settlement)

(Status: 3 April 2024)

Additional speed cameras in the urban area

In addition to the above-mentioned measuring point, the speed limit will also be checked from a mobile vehicle in Bocholt.

In the course of the 15th calendar week (08 - 12 April), measurements are expected to be taken at the following locations:

  • Alfred-Flender-Straße
  • Barloer Ringstraße
  • Borgersstraße
  • Engelmeer
  • Im Königsesch

Note on the map: The pin corresponds to the street, not the exact location of the measuring device.

Why is the city of Bocholt flashing?

Why are speed cameras used at all? Speed camera measurements are an important part of our efforts to improve road safety in Bocholt. They are used to monitor speeding and compliance with traffic regulations.

By "flashing" we help to prevent accidents and increase safety on our roads. Speed checks using radar measurements are effective instruments for motivating road users to comply with the prescribed speed limits.

In this way, we minimise the risk of serious accidents and protect the lives and health of all citizens. On this website you will find regularly updated information on the location of current radar measurements.

More safety on Bocholt's roads

The radar measurements are just one part of the measures that the city of Bocholt uses to improve road safety. In addition, regular stop campaigns take place and the city also puts up speed control signs at danger spots in consultation with local residents to sensitise drivers.

Frequently asked questions

Does the system only measure at certain times?

The city of Bocholt's mobile radar system takes measurements at the site around the clock and in both directions of travel.

Can I suggest a location for the system myself?

We are happy to receive suggestions for locations for the mobile radar measuring system. However, we must check these suggestions for feasibility: Not every location is suitable for setting up the system.

What happens to the fines?

The fines and penalties collected go back into the municipal budget. Further information can be found at www.bocholt.de/finanzen

Why doesn't the city of Bocholt announce the locations in advance?

Selecting a suitable location for the mobile measuring system can be difficult in individual cases. For this reason, the location must be flexibly adapted at short notice in individual cases. For this reason, the location of the measuring system will only be communicated immediately after the system has been moved.