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Neighbourhood development

What is neighbourhood work?

A large part of our lives takes place at home and in our immediate living environment, the neighbourhoods. This is where daily interaction takes place, this is where people meet, and this is where disputes or problems may arise.

In cooperation with the social organisations Caritas, DRK, L-i-A and Tür an Tür, the city of Bocholt would like to strengthen the togetherness in the neighbourhood and recognise and specifically counteract problem situations.

Meeting of the neighbourhood leaders

Individual problems, individual solutions

In a total of eight neighbourhoods, the providers are tasked with approaching the residents, getting to know their interests and needs and providing support when problems arise. The staff of the neighbourhood work are always approachable and look for possible solutions to individual problems of all kinds.

In order to advance the neighbourhood as a whole and make it even more liveable, they also work together with local institutions, such as kindergartens, schools, senior citizens' facilities and shops.

The basis of the neighbourhood work is a social data analysis of Bocholt, in which areas with a particular need for social action were identified. The neighbourhood work is coordinated by the staff unit of the social services department.