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07. February 2024Europe/EDI

Evening on the topic of town twinning in Germany and the Netherlands

Thursday, 15 February, from 7.30 pm at the Kulturhaus Dinxperlo (NL) // VHS, Gemeente Aalten and EUROPE DIRECT Bocholt invite you to attend

On Thursday 15 February, interested citizens are invited to a German-Dutch discussion evening in Dinxperlo. This time the topic will be town twinning on both sides of the border. The speakers are Petra Taubach and Hildegard Schröer-Martini. Karl Eller will moderate the event. Registrations are accepted by the VHS Bocholt. Admission is free.

Dutch language skills are not required. Please register at www.vhs-bocholt.de or at the further education centre on Stenerner Weg on 02871 953-7697.

The organisers have given the series of events a new name. From 2024, the "Deutsch-Niederländische Stammtisch" will be called "Deutsch-Niederländische Grenzgespräche" in order to remove the exclusivity from the name and make the format more open. All interested citizens are explicitly invited. Everyone speaks in their own language, so knowledge of Dutch is not a prerequisite for attending the events.

The topic of town twinning

To kick off 2024, town twinning in Germany and the Netherlands will be the topic of the evening on 14 February in the Noaberz Culture House in Dinxperlo, Maurits Prinsstraat 6, 7091 XC Dinxperlo. Petra Taubach and Hildegard Schröer-Martini will share their rich experience on this topic with the participants and will be available for questions and discussion.

Further topics in the first half of 2024

It is possible to register once for the event or to be added to the address list at the VHS so that you don't miss a date. The topic of town twinning was requested by the participants of last year's Border Talks. There are three more dates for the German-Dutch Border Talks until the summer:

  • 19 March: visit to the crematorium in Aalten and discussion on euthanasia in Germany and the Netherlands
  • 16 April: Lecture and discussion on electoral systems in Germany and the Netherlands in the run-up to the European elections
  • 23 May: Visit to the "De Hennepe" winery in Aalten with wine tasting

The events are organised jointly by VHS Bocholt, EUROPE DIRECT Bocholt and the Dutch municipality of Aalten.

About the EUROPE DIRECT Bocholt

EUROPE DIRECT Bocholt is part of the mayor's office of the city of Bocholt and is the local contact point for questions relating to the European Union. Its task is to provide local citizens with information, advice, help and answers to questions about Europe. In addition, EUROPE DIRECT Bocholt aims to promote European involvement and provide information on current European political events.