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Waste collection

Collection and disposal

Day after day and in all weathers, our orange fleet is on the road for you. Around 10,000 bins are emptied by our employees every day. There is hardly a public service that people in Bocholt have to deal with more often than refuse collection. Find out more here about the services provided by ESB and how you can contribute to smooth processes.

Which waste containers do I need?

The statutes stipulate a minimum volume for organic and residual waste bins per property. In relation to a property, a minimum container volume for residual waste of 15 l per person and week and for organic waste of 7.5 l per person and week is prescribed. You can choose the sizes of the paper bins and yellow bins according to your needs and the space available.

The following bin sizes are available:

Residual waste bin:

  • Quasi 60 l (= 120 l container when emptied every four weeks).
  • 120 l container
  • Quasi 180 l (=240 l container with marking at 180 l)
  • 240 l container
  • 1,100 l container

Organic waste bin:

  • 120 l container
  • 240 l container

Paper bin and yellow bin:

  • 120 l container
  • 240 l container
  • 1,100 l container

How often are the bins emptied?

The interval of emptying depends on the size of the bin.

Every fortnight are emptied:

  • Residual waste bin (except the Quasi 60 l)
  • Organic waste bin

Emptiedevery four weeks:

  • Quasi 60 l residual waste bin
  • Paper bin
  • Yellow bin

Costs: Residual waste

Size Cost
Quasi 60 l 88 Euro
120 l 141 Euro
Quasi 180 l 184 Euro
240 l 227 Euro
1.100 l 948 Euro

Costs: Organic waste

Size Costs
120 l 67 Euro
240 l 102 Euro

Where can I register and deregister containers?

For changes to the container stock, please contact the waste disposal and service company by telephone or e-mail.

Individual fee-neutral changes to paper or yellow bins can be made conveniently via the online services paper bin / yellow bin:

Online services for tonnes

Where can I find my collection dates / calendar?

  • Paper version: You will receive the classic paper waste calendar by post at the end of each year.
  • Online: You can find the waste calendar for your street here.
  • Mobile: For all important data, you can download our ESB app for your smartphone. (For the Android and iOS operating systems)