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Bulky waste

Where to put the bulky waste?

The new sofa, the fresh mattress or the stylish chest of drawers have quickly found a new place in the household, but where to put the old furniture and bulky waste that doesn't fit in a residual waste bin? Here we tell you what we mean by bulky waste and how you can best get rid of bulky waste.

What counts as bulky waste?

Bulky waste includes furnishings that are too bulky for the residual waste bin. Note: Bulky waste is bulky items that you would take with you when you move, such as furniture, electrical appliances, mattresses.

What is not included in bulky waste?

  • Waste from trade and industry
  • Car parts and car accessories such as car tyres and mudguards.
  • Objects permanently attached to the house or property such as doors, windows, shutters, sinks, toilets, fences
  • Items that cannot be loaded by hand by two people
  • Green waste such as tree and shrub cuttings
  • Problem waste such as paints, varnishes, batteries
  • Filled containers, e.g. sacks, boxes, buckets
  • Small parts that fit into the waste container

Please note:

  • The following applies for collection: maximum quantity up to 5 cbm (cubic metres).
  • For delivery to the recycling centre: maximum quantity up to 2 c bm (cubic metres).