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Living in old age

"Home sweet home - happiness alone"... People want to feel comfortable in their homes. And that into old age. In Bocholt there are flats and various forms of housing especially for older citizens.

Senior flats are suitable for the elderly in terms of location, size and furnishings, and are often also suitable for the disabled. Publicly subsidised senior housing is intended for people who have reached the age of 60. In the case of couples, one partner must meet this requirement.

On this page you will find providers of senior housing in Bocholt.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to call us!

Senior flats

If you live in a flat whose deficiencies cannot be remedied by housing adaptation or which you have to give up for some other reason, you should check whether you might be able to move into a senior flat.

Location, size and furnishings are suitable for the elderly. However, not all flats are equipped for the disabled. The publicly subsidised senior flats are intended for people who have reached the age of 60. In the case of couples, one partner must fulfil this requirement.

Providers of flats for senior citizens

Workers' Welfare Association, Drostenstraße 1, 46399 Bocholt, Tel. 02871/3409-0


Jeanette Wolff Centre, Dürerstraße 1, 46399 Bocholt, Tel. 02871/34 21


Bocholter Heimbau e.G., Südwall 22, 46397 Bocholt, Tel. 02871/13234

An der Bleiche, Birkenallee 66, Buchenallee, Fichtenweg, Hohenzollernstr. 28, Kurfürstenstr. 35, Lahnstr., Lübecker Str. (ground floor only), Mainstr., Moselstr., Otto-Hensel-Str.,Robert-Koch-Ring, Rudolf-Virchow-Str., Urbanstr.

House of the Good Shepherd, Karolingerstraße 65, 46395 Bocholt, Tel. 02871/95 80


Kardinal-Diepenbrock-GmbH, Weberstraße 6, 46397 Bocholt, Tel. 02871/25540

Dietrichstraße, Scheibenstraße, Speerstraße, Melchiorweg

LEG Wohnen Bocholt GmbH, Moltkestraße 30, 46397 Bocholt, Tel. 02871/48999-10


Wohnbau Westmünsterland, Moltkestraße 2, 46397 Bocholt, Tel. 02871/23 93 800

Markgrafenstraße, Moltkestraße, Otto-Kemper-Ring, Päpersweide, Rawerspurte, Schanze

Leben im Alter e.V., Adenauerallee 59, 46395 Bocholt, Tel. 02871/2176566

Werther Str. 147 and 149

Ev. Johannes Werk gGmbH, Dinxperloer Str. 173, 46399 Bocholt, Tel. 02871/222841

Bültenhaus, Hellweg 48, Brunsmannstr.


You need a certificate of eligibility for housing for the flats. If you meet the requirements, you can get one from the city of Bocholt.

Assisted Living

Living independently in familiar surroundings and in contact with others is the wish of most people, even in old age. However, the onset of the need for assistance and care makes living conditions in the previous home more difficult.

Location and floor plan are often unfavourable, functioning family and neighbourhood support networks are less and less available, withdrawal and isolation are threatening.

Assisted senior living takes this problem into account. Independent living and household management are promoted against the background of the greatest possible security.

Assisted living offers

  • a barrier-free flat suitable for the elderly
  • a package of basic services (individual care and counselling, referral to help and services, leisure activities, emergency call organisation), for which you pay a basic monthly flat rate,
  • Additional optional services (such as meals, cleaning of the flat, laundry service, driving service, caretaker services, outpatient care), which you can only use and have to pay for when needed.

Assisted living in shared flats

The rooms in the shared flats are divided in such a way that there is both a private and a communal living space. By living together with other people, the shared flats allow for more social and societal contacts and counteract loneliness. At the same time, a retreat into one's own living quarters is possible at any time.


Ev. Johanneswerk gGmbH
Dinxperloer Str. 173
46399 Bocholt
Tel. 02871/22 28 41

Bültenhaus residential complex
Hellweg 48/50
1 shared apartment with 11 persons

Housing advice/support

If you want to live in your own four walls for as long as possible, you should modify your home at an early stage.

Often, small renovation measures or technical aids, such as the removal of trip hazards and barriers, the installation of grab bars or raising the bed, are enough to adapt the flat to your personal needs.

For most changes, the craftsmanship and financial outlay for an age-appropriate adaptation of the living space is less than you might think. But even larger measures are worthwhile, especially since there is also financial support under certain conditions. Home adaptation may even make a move to a retirement home unnecessary.

Who can help?

You can get information and advice - if you wish, also in your own four walls - from:

Mobile housing counselling
Leben im Alter e.V.
Adenauerallee 59
46399 Bocholt

Ulla Brauckmann
Tel: 02871/217 65 66

Andrea Hoffjann
Mobile: 0152/32 176 564

Living for help

"My house is way too big for me and I would like some help."

Living for help - housing partnerships in Bocholt.

This is how "LIVING FOR HELP" works. The new BBG project arranges housing partnerships between young and old. Students get a cheap room, seniors get help in everyday life. Exactly how they live together is discussed on an individual basis. Mostly, it involves tasks such as mowing the lawn, going shopping, cooking together or similar.

Nursing or medical services of any kind are excluded.

Similar to a normal shared apartment, it is important that both parties get along well with each other. BBG eG arranges the living space and advises both parties. However, the contractual partners are always the housing provider and the students.

" WOHNEN FÜR HILFE" is an initiative of the Bocholter Bürgergenossenschaft eG in cooperation with the General Students' Committee of the Westphalian University. Are you interested in a trusting housing partnership? Then please make an appointment with us for a consultation. We would also be happy to visit you at home. We will find the right housing partner for you.

Who helps?

Niederbruch 3
46397 Bocholt
Evelin Knoch Tel: 02871 2927916
E-mail: eknoch(at)bocholter-bg(dot)de