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16. March 2023

Environmental Department

New row of trees on Dingdener Straße

A row of birch trees now lines the area at the "Auffahrtsohr" along Dingdener Straße, south of the B67n. The trees have now been planted on behalf of the city of Bocholt. The suggestion came from residents and politicians. Trees were also planted along Ostwall.

A tree planting on Dingdener Straße was desired. "However, it is not easy to find suitable areas there," says Daniel Zöhler, the city's building officer. The location for the nine birch trees has now been found in consultation with the Landesbetrieb Straßen NRW. A horticultural company from Bocholt planted the trees this week in the area south of the B67n.

Plantings on the Ostwall

Nine white ash trees were planted at the Ostwall in Bocholt

Nine white ash trees were planted at Ostwall in Bocholt

© Stadt Bocholt

And things are also getting greener at Ostwall: nine white ash trees were planted in the tree beds at Ostwall (in the area of the Alexa senior citizens' residence) on Thursday - there were no trees in this area before, the city of Bocholt informs. Five of the ash trees are on the side of the road in front of the senior citizens' residence, four trees on the opposite side of the road (in front of the Ostwall Terraces).