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City Hall

General conditions for electronic communication with the city of Bocholt

Status 01 February 2023

The city administration of Bocholt offers the possibility of electronic communication via e-mail, De-Mail and beBPo, as well as via online procedures and forms.

E-mail security

Unencrypted e-mails can be intercepted and read or modified by third parties on their way through the Internet.

Confidential data should therefore never be sent by unencrypted e-mail!

Encrypted e-mails

Encrypted e-mails can be sent to the city administration via the central address stadtverwaltung(at)bocholt(dot)de. The public certificate required for encryption can be downloaded here as p7s and here as .cer.


The city of Bocholt can also be contacted by De-Mail. De-Mail enables the encrypted and authenticated sending of e-mails and file attachments. According to the provisions of the E-Government Act, a sender-confirmed De-Mail has been a substitute for written form since 1 July 2014.

The central inbox address is:


Online procedures and forms

The exchange of data via online procedures and forms offered at www.bocholt.de is always encrypted.

Form-free processes

Processes that do not require a handwritten signature in correspondence can be submitted via all of the above-mentioned access points.

Formal processes

Processes that require a handwritten signature in correspondence can, unless otherwise stipulated by law, be submitted in written form by

  • as a PDF with a qualified electronic signature in accordance with Article 3 No. 12 of Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 (eIDAS Regulation) and sent by email or De-Mail, or
  • by sending them by De-Mail with the sending option pursuant to Section 5 (5) De-Mail-G (sender-confirmed De-Mail).
  • are sent via access to the electronic court and administration mailbox (EGVP) with a qualified electronic signature to the special electronic public authority mailbox (beBPo) of the state capital Düsseldorf.
  • sent to the beBPo of the state capital Düsseldorf via a special electronic mailbox with a qualified electronic signature.

If submitted documents cannot be processed by the city administration, you will be informed accordingly. In this case, legal deadlines will not be set in motion or honoured. The city administration will endeavour to reply to you using the same method you used to contact the city administration. If technical or legal reasons prevent a reply by electronic means, the reply will be made in writing.

For this reason, a postal address must always be provided in formal procedures that are submitted electronically.

Please also note that scanned documents originally submitted on paper are only copies and do not replace the need to send in the original documents.

Special electronic mailbox for public authorities (beBPo)

As a secure transmission channel for electronic legal transactions with the courts and law enforcement authorities, the City of Bocholt provides a special electronic mailbox.

The mailbox address for the general special electronic mailbox of the city administration of Bocholt can be found in the SAFE directory under the name "Stadt Bocholt-Allgemein". Further sub-mailboxes can also be found in the SAFE directory if you search for "Stadt Bocholt".

File formats

If file attachments are sent to the City of Bocholt, please note that the City of Bocholt cannot support all file formats and applications commonly used on the market. The following common file formats are currently supported:

  • ASCII and rich text files
  • JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP graphic files
  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint as long as they do not contain macros or embedded objects

Please send attachments as PDF files, if possible!

Files that are encrypted with a password or files that are executable themselves or contain executable components will not be accepted.

In addition, media files (MP3 /MP4 as well as common video formats) are blocked.

Mail size / data volume

The total size of e-mails to the city administration, including all attachments, is limited to 50 MB.

The total size of de-mails is limited to 10 MB.

For larger amounts of data to be transferred, please contact our staff. In these cases, an upload option can be provided via the cloud of the city of Bocholt.