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Association aid

Energy cost support for associations

Without associations and voluntary work, social life in Bocholt would be unthinkable!

Associations in Bocholt are to be supported in securing their existence and bridging acute financial bottlenecks due to the direct or indirect consequences of the energy crisis through funding from the "funding budget for energy cost support for associations in Bocholt".

This quick and unbureaucratic financial support to cope with the energy crisis thus serves to close existing gaps in the support programmes as well as the electricity and gas price brake.

Please check first whether there are claims from priority funding programmes:

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to apply?

Bocholt associations that are entered in the register of associations (e.V.) and/or have been recognised as non-profit-making by the responsible tax authorities in accordance with § 52 of the German Fiscal Code (Abgabenordnung) are eligible to apply.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • The application form must confirm that the association is a voluntary and non-profit organisation.
  • Applicants must submit current proof of non-profit status, which must not be older than five years.
  • Applicants must also be burdened with increased energy expenditure compared to the same period before 1 April 2022, whereby the increase must be causally attributable to higher energy prices.
  • In the case of energy for heat, consumption savings of at least 10 percent compared to the previous year must be proven.
  • The type of energy source is irrelevant. If the usable floor space has increased during this period (e.g. due to an extension), a supplementary fictitious extrapolation must be made.
  • It must be proven that the applicant association is not able to cover the energy costs with its own financial means (incl. reserves) at the time of application.
  • Other funding measures, e.g. Emergency Aid for Sport NRW 2023, must be examined and given priority.
  • In the event of overcompensation, the funds granted must be repaid.

What is funded and how much?

  • The funding is granted on application as a one-off, non-repayable grant for the period 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023.
  • The amount of the subsidy is 80 percent of the eligible energy costs and amounts to a maximum of 1,500 euros per association.
  • The City of Bocholt decides on the granting of the subsidy at its due discretion.
  • The recipient of the equity payment receives a down payment of 80 percent of the funding amount. After receipt of the energy bill for the period of the subsidy or after accounting for the hours of use in the case of rented rooms during this period, the applying association must report the energy or usage expenses actually incurred. Based on the information provided, a final calculation of the additional expenses actually incurred will be made with subsequent payment of the calculated remaining amount or, in the case of overcompensation, a repayment by the applicant to the City of Bocholt by the cut-off date of 31 December 2023.
  • The recipient of the subsidy is obliged to keep the original proof of the actual increase in the energy or utilisation expenditure incurred for ten years.
  • There is no legal entitlement to the receipt of a support payment within the meaning of this guideline.

What do I have to consider when applying for funding?

  • The application must be submitted in writing (including attachments) to:

    City of Bocholt
    Department of Finance and Participations / Subsidy Management
    Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 52-58
    46395 Bocholt

  • Applicants must confirm that they will provide the City of Bocholt with the information and documents required to clarify the facts without delay upon request. This also applies in the context of a possible audit by the audit department.
  • The general ancillary provisions of the City of Bocholt shall apply.
  • The guideline shall enter into force with effect from 01 April 2023 and shall expire on 31 December 2023.

What documents are required for the funding application?

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Extract from the register (e.V.) and/or notice of exemption according to § 52 AO
  • Required attachments:
    • Proof of energy cost statements for the calendar years 2021 and 2022,
    • Projection of energy costs for the calendar year 2023 based on the current budget billing and
    • Evidence that existing funds (incl. reserves) are insufficient
      (e.g. copy of bank statements, annual financial statement)
  • If necessary, further documents will be requested as part of the application processing.

How much funding is available?

The applicant has no claim to the granting of funding, rather the granting authority (City of Bocholt, Department of Finance and Participations) decides on the basis of its dutiful discretion within the framework of the available budget funds.

The funds of the "Förderbudget zur Energiekosten-Unterstützung für Bocholter Vereine" were limited to 25,000.00 Euros.