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The team introduces itself

This is... Marina Neumann

Marina Neumann

Hello, I am Marina Neumann and I have been working in the neighbourhood development of the Caritas Association, in the Giethorst-Nordost neighbourhood, in outreach work since March 2021.

One focus of my work is to establish close contact with the residents of the neighbourhood in order to create opportunities and spaces of encounter and to find ways for people to organise themselves together and be there for each other in everyday life.

Furthermore, I have an advisory function and am always approachable when help or advice is needed. Whether in the office or on the street, you are welcome to approach me.

Marina Neumann
"Alone you are strong, together you are unbeatable," says Marina Neumann.

ContentI work in the neighbourhood because it is important to me that the residents of the Giethorst-Nordost neighbourhood enjoy a high quality of life. They should enjoy being in their neighbourhood and find everything they need there.

The focus is on the areas of health and prevention, neighbourhood and social cohesion, and citizen proximity and participation.

I very much appreciate the close contact with the residents of the neighbourhood and the resulting connection to the neighbourhood itself. True to the motto "alone you are strong, together you are unbeatable", it is very important to me to strengthen the community, because together you can achieve so much more.

This is... Edith Gewers

Edith Gewers

My name is Edith Gewers and I am particularly responsible for the areas of health and prevention in the Bocholt Southwest neighbourhood. This is a particularly good fit for me, as I am not only a trained specialist nurse for intensive care, but am also studying Health and Social Space part-time at the University of Applied Sciences for Health in Bochum.

Together with the people who live and work here, I would like to contribute to improving the living conditions in the neighbourhood. Everyone can contribute ideas, suggestions and projects.

I love my work in the neighbourhood because it is very diverse and full of challenges and therefore always exciting. I especially appreciate the exchange with the local people.

We offer a central contact point for all citizens in the neighbourhood and beyond, the address for ideas, wishes, concerns, tips, criticism and questions. If you contact us, it may end up, for example, that we can pass on a helpful contact to you. Or we can think together about how your idea can be implemented and who else is needed for it.

Please feel free to come in, the coffee is already ready!