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We invite you on a tour through our beautiful town Bocholt!

Bocholt lies in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, and is the biggest town (75,000 inhabitants) in the west of the region Münsterland.

Bocholt has firstly been mentioned in 779, and even though many of the historical buildings and infrastructure was bombed and destroyed during the Second World War in March 1945, the city’s silhouette still shows the typical mediaeval shape. The former city wall, as well as, the four main trade streets, which lead into all four directions, can yet be traced by their course or street names (Ostwall, Nordwall, Südmauer, Ostmauer). All four streets show the way to the historical centre with its marketplace, the historical city hall and the gothic St. George’s Church. The city hall was built between 1618 and 1624 in the style of the Dutch renaissance. It is considered one of the most beautiful town halls in Germany. The St. George’s Church (1415) lies in the back of it and with its high church tower hovering over the town like a beacon, and with its colossal architecture it seems to support the town hall.

Bocholt is not only renowned for its historical buildings, but also for its people. Near the church and the town hall one can, for example, find the birthplace of the world famous goldsmith and copperplate engraver Israhel von Meckenem (ca 1440-1503). Bocholt’s history is impressively chronicled in the diverse museums and amazing sights in and around the town. The city museum gives facts and figures about the history, geography and culture of Bocholt, while the textile museum traces back Bocholt’s successful industrial past. With its still working steam machines and weaving looms it creates an authentic atmosphere that is far from being rusty and dusty, but attracts thousands of visitors every year.

In the past years, Bocholt has developed into a significant business location in the west of Münsterland. Being located between the industrial belt of the Rhine-Ruhr and the Dutch industrial centres of Arnhem and Enschede, Bocholt has inherited a prime position not only for industry, but also for education. Facilities, such as the advanced technical college,the adult education centres and the musical school attract people. The technical college offers, among other courses, Information and Communication Technology, Mechatronics, and Business Studies. Bookworms are spoiled for choice in the spaciously designed media centre.

In recent years, Bocholt has invested particularly in infrastructure to make the town even more accessible. Bocholt can easily be reached by most means of transport and is renowned well beyond the borders of the Münsterland for its accessibility, openness, and atmosphere.

The proximity of the Dutch border is one of Bocholt’s advantages and helps to promote its image of an European city. Bocholt cares much for its European flair and has friends all over Europe. The town maintains partnerships with Rossendale (UK), Aurillac (France), Bocholt (Belgium) and Akmene in Lithuania. Moreover, Wuxi in China belongs to Bocholt’s valued partner cities. The Europe fountain on the marketplace, in front of the historical town hall, is a symbol of the close connection with Europe and the world. In 1993, Bocholt was awarded the European Prize for its open-border-policy.

Thus, Bocholt’s tourism flourishes. The beautiful scenery in and around the town, and its well-developed cycle paths covering more than 200km attract many people. In 2012, the town was awarded the title of “bike-friendliest city in Germany”. But Bocholt does not only provide for the bike-lovers, it offers many other leisure activities. It presents the Stadtwald, the city forest with its game preserve and great stock of old trees. Moreover, the Aa See ( Aa lake) provides for water sports, such as wind surfing and swimming, as well as, it offers miniature golf, a skate area, and a climbing school for children. Alternatively, one can relax in the leisure pool Bahia with its numerous steam rooms, saunas, its outdoor swimming pool, water slides and special indoor pools.

Bocholt offers yet more! Next to culture and leisure activities, the city offers style. The town finds a balance between the big-city-feel with its mall Shopping Arkaden and the Neutor Platz, and the small shops and regional retailers against the backdrop of the beautiful historical centre. The town’s shopping possibilities are complemented by the fairs and the weekly market, which takes place four times a week and creates a vital and bustling atmosphere.

If the hurly-burly of the town bustle, and the shopping spree gets the better of you, you can easily take a break and relax in one of the cafés, ice-cream parlours, and restaurants. Bocholt presents its culinary delights in several locations, and is proud of its wide range of cuisines. Next to Italian, Greek, Chinese and Eastern European cuisine it offers local Westphalian specialties, such as the typical Bocholter Knockepott (a large casserole with pork, which simmers for hours on a low heat) or buckwheat pancakes with bacon and syrup. In case one wants to end a successful shopping binge, an exhausting bike trip, or interesting museum tour with a drink or two, the bars and pubs on the pub mile provide the perfect locations with flair and entertainment.

Entertainment is a key word for Bocholt. There is cabaret, there are plays or open air concerts that add to the Bocholt lifestyle. Throughout the year, every season has its events and festivities that distinguish this vibrant city. One can see the St. Martin’s Umzug in November, the cosy Christmas market in December, the colourful carnival in February/ March, the wine feast and city festival in summer and the fun fair in October , which attracts people from near and far. The sweet scents, the fresh taste of a cool beer, the booming music and the glimmering lights of the merry-go-rounds create an extraordinary experience for young and old.

All in all, Bocholt is the place to visit. A vibrant, yet cosy, an entertaining, yet relaxing, a historical, yet modern town invites YOU to have a good time! Bocholt awaits you! We await you!

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Pictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of Bocholt
Pictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of BocholtPictures of Bocholt